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Randy Blue's asian model Trevor Tripp poses naked with hard curved cock

Trevor Tripp is one super sexy Asian amateur. He shows off his gym ripped body and big curved cock for us in his jerk off video from Randy Blue. After flexing his muscles and displaying his smooth tight ass, trevor pulls his black underwear off to let loose his growing man meat. For a little guy, Trevor has a nice upward curved cock that stands straight out and looks big. When he spreads his legs on the bed it looks so tempting to crawl up between his legs and take a taste.

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Chris Porter standing naked and stroking his cock in the woods

I’ve always liked Chris Porter since the first time I seen him. I kind of have a thing for cute guys with tattoos. Chris was kind of a twink with ink at the time. And that time wasn’t too long ago either. Look at Chris now… He is all buffed up and looking all kinds of HOT! The photographers at Randy Blue always do a nice job and Chris’ scene was no different. Chris slowly strips out of his clothes in an outdoor setting then leans back to stroke his meat. Chis is butch with his scruffy face and hairy stomach yet kind of jock-like with his oiled skin and toned body. How ever you classify him, he’s got something to love for everyone.

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Damon Sparks poses naked and hard cock

Damon Sparks is the latest discovery to strip naked and do his first on camera jack off scene at Randy Blue. Damon has a full head of long dark hair that circles his boyishly cute face. He flexes his arm muscles for us with his shirt still on to fill the sleeve with his nice biceps then takes the shirt off to expose his smooth mucular. Damon says that he spends a lot of time at the gym and loves to work up a good sweat doing outside work. I bet this smooth skin looks great with a light coat of sweat in the morning sunlight. He takes down his pants and gets to work stroking his dick that gets hard fast. After some poses standing with his hard cock in hand he moves to the bed where he finishes jerking out his load. While going to town pumping his cock his other hand pays attention to his smooth butt, shaved balls, and nipples. Damon knows how to pleasure himself and looks amazing doing it. I hope that it isn’t long for Randy Blue to bring him back for a sweaty gay sex scene or something in the pool maybe.

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Blake Powell has gay sex with Gabriel Cross

Blake Powell moves fast as he works his way through the hot willing men at Randy Blue. It was just a few weeks ago that Blake was showing off his ripped jock body while stroking his cock in his debut video. A week later he was having sex in the locker room with Roman Todd. Today he conquers the amazing ass of Gabriel Cross.

The guys are already rubing each other dick through their jeans during the interview and both are getting hornier by the second. They flip a coin to see who is going to top and Blake wins although I don’t think it would have mattered much as Gabriel loves to get fucked and Blake is an awesome top. Blake gets naked first and Gabriel sucks Blake to full erection and rubs his hands across his ripped abs and chest while deep throating his hard cock. Blake goes down on Gabriel next but doesn’t suck him for long because he wants what he wants and today that is Gabriel’s awesome butt. Blake moves back and forth from Gabriels cock to his ass with his tongue. With the entire area from Gabriel’s balls to his tight hole covered in saliva , he is ready to be fucked. Blake bends Gabriel over the arm of the couch and slides his hard dick up Gabriel’s wet hole. Gabriel loves the cock and Blake loves giving it to him. The fucking gets pretty active at times with Gabriel yelling “fuck me harder” as Blake pounds the little guys behind.

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ripped stud jacks his uncut cock

Like – most of the amateur men at Randy Blue, Vinny Dias is one hot jock! Vinny has short dark hair and scruffy face that looks awesome against his dark skin. When Vinny takes his shirt off we get a look at his muscular chest and ripped abs; both with a slight amount of hair. Vinny has big biceps that he flexes and self worships before taking off his underwear to jack his uncut cock. Once of the fun things about him is his sense of playfulness. He seriously loves to play naked and show off every inch of his body, cock, and ass and all the while with a big grin. Once he has shown us everything he starts to stroke his dick and cum to finish a great show.

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Alexander Kudrov fucks Nicco Sky

Since the first time I seen Alexander Kudrov I knew that this Russian-American amateur was going places. It’s been a while but he is back at Randy Blue in a hardcore gay sex scene with Latino jock, Nicco Sky. The guys are almost opposite of each other; Alexander is blond, fair skinned, Russian, and kind of shy while Nicco is Latino, dark skinned, and outgoing. Both men have lean ripped bodies that alone could make a guy drool and together is downright HOT! The guys kiss a lot while undressing each other then Nicco gives Alexander’s ripped body a oral worshiping that starts at his neck and goes all the way to his super sweet ass. With all the rimming that Nicco provides, I thought for sure that Alexander was about to be fucked but it is Nicco that gets his ass rode hard and put away wet by his new found Russian sex buddy.

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Nick Sterling and Brett Swanson weight room suck and fuck

Either Brett Swanson or Nick Sterling alone and dressed would hold my attention but put them together naked, sweaty, and horny all pumped up after lifting some weights and… damn these guys are hot. Nick is a bit more buff than Brett with big, defined shoulders and slightly hairy chest. Brett is only 20 years old and still has time to fill out but already is looking very nice with a tanned smooth body, hairy legs, and a lean athletic body. His ass looks especially appealing hanging out the back of his blue and white Aussie Bum jock strap. As previously stated, the guys are already sweaty and pumped when things heat up. Brett sucks on Nick’s hard dick a bit then Nick takes over. Nick sucks Brett, rims his tight ass, then fucks him in at least two different positions. They make good use of the weight equipment and like it or not, Nick keeps his high tops on for traction while pounding Nick. He works up and even bigger sweat that makes his body look even better in the dim light and starts to breath heavy just before his cums onto Brett’s hairless stomach.

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It’s hot and sunny out so Caleb Strong and Patrick Dunne go out to relax by the pool. When Caleb sees the sexy body and big bulge in Patrick’s suite the temperature isn’t the only thing that gets hot. Caleb’s cock starts to get hard and with a dick like his it is hard to hide in a tight white speedo type suite. Not that he cares though. The sight of his growing cock is getting Patrick hard too and the guys are smiling because they know what is coming next. They go inside to make out and rub each others hard bodies then Patrick sits on the sofa and pulls Caleb over to pull down his shorts and start sucking his already hard cock. Patrick is still new to sucking dick and Caleb is happy to help him practice and give him pointers by example. Caleb shows Patrick his favorite sucking technique where he uses his mouth and both hands to stimulate every sensitive part of his partners genitals. The dick sucking gets Patrick really worked up and ready for more. He lifts Caleb’s legs into the air pushing his knees beside his head to expose his tight round ass then plunges deep inside the tattooed jock’s butt. Patrick may not be the best at sucking but he is a natural born top. He thrusts, pounds, and grinds his cock and hips against Caleb’s backside until both shoot their load.

Caleb Strong and Patrick Dunne naked by the pool

Cayden and Milo get naked and suck each others big hard cocks

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Newcomer Milo Sommers has generated some buzz since doing his solo video debut at Randy Blue. Members have been writing in asking him to do more with their other favorite models. Cayden Ross is the guy that Milo has been paired with for his first hardcore scene. Cayden is no stranger to showing off his muscular tattooed body and thick cock that gets hard with a slight breeze. In this scene Milo and Cayden get naked, kiss, and suck each others dick. For his first porn duo scene Milo does a good job! He takes in every inch of Cayden’s thick cock while stroking his own dick. Cayden returns the favor sucking off Milo until both guys shoot nice loads of cum. I’m fairly sure that we will be seeing more of Milo hooking up with other hot men for steamy gay sex at Randy Blue.

Tattooed jock gets blow job then fucks his partners hungry hole

Putting hungry bottom boy Gunner Pierce and inked stud Roman Todd together looks like a perfect match. Gunner doesn’t hesitate letting Roman know he is more than ready. After feeding Gunner every inch of his hard cock, Roman pushes Gunner onto the bed and rims his hairy hole with his tongue. Then Roman pushes his dick deep in Gunner’s ass and screws him like crazy. They change positions a few times for maximum penetration. Gunner loves every hard inch of Roman’s cock. See all the hot sex now at Randy Blue.