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Tyler Sweet rides Witten Cooper's 8 inch dick and cums big time

Tyler Sweet was so excited about doing his gay sex scene with hung straight boy, Witten Cooper that he skips most of the usuals of getting to know him. Tyler goes down to start sucking Witt’s 8 inch dick to full erection. By the time Witt is fully hard, Tyler is too! This cute young man is so horny and loves the cock! Tyler takes the big dick up his ass slow at first but begs for it harder as the fucking progresses. Witt screws Tyler from behind as well as getting rode reverse cowgirl style. The reverse cowgirl is my favorite because you can see both guys rock hard dicks and Tyler’s amazing gym body. (it is the bottom still in the image above) The guys end beside each other jerking their loads. Tyler shoots a huge load that flies onto his chest and Witt splatters his jizz across his lean abs.

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tanned and tattooed straight guy shows off his naked body and hard cock

Logan Taylor recently spent the weekend with another straight amateur (Austin Perry) at the Southern Strokes lake house. The guys partied hard most of the weekend but did take the time to each do a jack off video for our enjoyment. Logan works as a personal trainer so he gets plenty chance to work out and sculpt his body. It shows! They tell us that Logan barely had a shirt on the entire weekend and looking at his amazing dark skin I can believe it. Logan has an amazing tan that is best seen when he drops his pants to show us his hairy white boy ass. The contrast of his skin really shows just how dark he really is while the big bush and hairy ass are going to be a big turn on to some of you. Logan trims his chest but leaves the rest of his body hair intact.

After showing off his muscular body and hairy ass he gets to work stroking his 6.5 inch cock. Like a lot of first timers, Logan has a little trouble getting hard at first. He closes his eyes and starts rubbing himself to forget the world is watching and gets hard. Logan’s jack off is pretty standard for a real amateur. He pumps his cock with one hand while rubbing his balls and body with the other. All the while his eyes closed dreaming of something that obviously gets his juices flowing. His pumping gets intense before he lets a stream of jizz loose that runs down his hard dick and lands in his thick pubes.

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Southern Strokes updates twice a week with new amateur southern boys like first timer Harper that jack off and some repeat models that agree to have gay sex on camera like straight boy Colt and his bi buddy Brandon.

Harper Jacks Off

red haired amateur Harper jacks off

Harper is a 24 year old first timer from Texas. His red hair and blue eyes with a smooth body and shaved pubes make him look younger. Harper is gay and loves to bottom but like most amateurs he must perform solo on camera first. He does a interview where he tells us a little about himself before stripping to a pair of blue underwear and starts playing with his soft dick. Harper wants to make a good impression when we get our first look at his cock so he stretches and rubs it beneath the underwear until it’s mostly hard then pulls out to show us. His pubes are shaved which is a shame on any redhead but it makes his average sized 6.5 inch dick look exceptionally nice. Harper gets into his jacking and rubs the area around his ass while stroking. You can tell when he’s getting close as his breathing turns to heavy panting and the area around his upper chest gets very red.

Colt Fucks Brandon Anderson

Brandon Anderson sucks Colt's dick before gay anal sex

Popular straight boy Colt is back and ready for action. Colt has only fucked one guy before and obviously liked it because he agrees to do it again; this time with small framed bi boy Brandon Anderson. Brandon is bisexual but doesn’t have much experience bottoming especially for someone with a dick like Colts. Colt has a thick 7.5 inch cock and like to play a little rough. Brandon looks good sucking on Colt’s tool then suffers a little when the fucking starts. Brandon pushes Colt back, grabs his ass tight, and bites the pillow as Colt initially slides his cock into Brandon’s tight ass. Once he loosens up Brandon does fine and looks great beneath Colt. He looks even better in the end with Colt’s cum sprayed across his smooth ass and back.

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see Fernando cum at Southern Strokes

The guys at Southern Strokes have done it again. They have found a first time amateur that knows how to put on an exceptional show. Fernando is a good looking Brazilian boy making probably the most southern of the of all the southern amateurs on the site. During his interview Fernando seems open to talking about his sex life, friends, likes, and other intimate details of his sexuality but is kind of shy overall. As he strips down to his tight blue briefs is becomes clear that Fernando has a very nice ass and he loves to show it off. We get plenty of close up views of his tight white butt. Fernando lays back on the tan sofa that has seen plenty of other naked amateur men at the lake house and starts to play with his soft uncut cock. As he jerks his hard cock, Fernando takes out a glass dildo and starts to rub it around his shaved hole. Again we get a good look at his valuable ass set. He pushes the long sex toy up his butt as he continues to stroke his meat. If you couldn’t tell that Fernando is a bottom before, there is no doubt that he loves the feeling of anal pleasures watching him fuck himself. The interview, jack off, and dildo play are all pretty good but all a small preview to the explosive ending Fernando provides. He has an awesome cumshot that sends jizz literally flying over his head. Look at the bottom picture in Fernando’s collage below to see the big glob of cum in his hair and on the sofa behind him. His smooth chest and stomach are covered in the Brazilian boy’s cream and a big smile from a job well done is deserved after this performance. The only way Fernando could look any better is if the cum was on his face too. Maybe we’ll see that in his next performance. (hint hint Southern Strokes – bring Fernando back)

Fernando sprays cum over his head as he jerks off

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Olive skinned Sal has become a member’s favorite at Southern Strokes since the tour of Texas and Neil is a newcomer that is establishing a loyal following with the redhead lovers. In the latest scene these two amateurs hook up for a romp on the hay. On the hay as in the guys were horny and ready to go so they simply pull a few bales together and covered it with a flannel blanket for a real southern fuck scene. Sal really dominates the action this time around and Neil makes for an excellent submissive (both oral and anal). First Neil sucks on Sal’s cock. It doesn’t take long before Sal is fully hard and pushes his dark cock into Neil’s mouth and throat. The close ups provide a nice contrast between the dark skin of Sal with the pale white skin and scruffy red facial hair of Neil. The look of these two gets even better as Sal fucks the pale red haired southern boy’s ass. The ass plowing is so good that even the crickets get into it. They seem to get louder the longer the guys go at it and Neil adds a bit to the sound track himself, moaning and grunting as he takes Sal up his butt. Such a good scene couldn’t end any better either as Sal shoots his load across Neil’s face and the cum runs from his chin down his neck and chest. Sal doesn’t mind getting his own cum in his mouth and plants a long kiss with plenty of tongue on Neil’s lips. YUMMY!

Sal fucks Neil then gives a facial cumshot

The guys from Southern Strokes found Eli cruising online looking for a hook up. When they seen his picture they knew that they wanted him for their website. 19 year old Eli tells us that he is mostly straight but likes cock now and again. I guess technically that makes him bisexual. At 6’1″ and only 160 pounds Eli has a lean body. His smooth chest and no fat abs look great as he leans back in a big seat to jerk his cock. It becomes clear that there is more to this southern amateur’s bi side then an occasional cock when his other hand moves down to aggressively massage and finger fuck his butt hole. The anal stimulation and bouncing action of his big smooth ball sack must do something for him because without much noise, he spurts his cum through the air to leave a sticky trail down his chest and stomach. This is Eli’s first show but looking at the writeup and watching the video my money is that we’ll be seeing more of this amateur southern boy again soon. Double or nothing he bottoms too!

Eli's cum shot

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Total top Haigan is the only southern stud that doesn’t get his ass filled at the Southern Strokes Texas party turned orgy. Sal, Rex, Ricky, and Haigan all did videos during the Texas tour and were invited to a party for their last night in town. As you can expect when four great looking guys get together and start downing a few beers; the conversation turns to sex. The guys all say what a good time they had filming their jerk offs and duo scenes with each other. Rex instigated the action that got Sal to strip down to a jock strap. He lays down on a bench and in no time he and Ricky are 69ing while Haigan and Rex are doing their own thing right next to them. The air was hot and the bugs get louder as the sex gets heavier and all four start to sweat as they swap positions with each other so that everyone (except Haigan) gets their ass fucked and all of them (including Haigan) gets their cock sucked. At one point, all the guys are fucking in a train with Haigan bringing up the rear, pounding his 9 inch cock deep into Rex’s tight jock ass. As everyone gets close Sal positions himself as the designated cum dumpster. Big dicked Haigan shoots his load first, right onto Sal’s face and into his mouth. Sal licks up and eats as much of Haigan’s cum that his tongue can reach. Rex and Ricky are next, spraying thier jizz across Sal’s face and smooth chest. For all 9 of the videos Sal has been in, I’ve never seen him look so good as he does at the end of this video, covered with three mens cum.

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25 year old tattooed texan shows off his 8 inch cock

watch Everett’s video here

The crew from Southern Strokes continue their journey through Texas in search of southern studs willing to do amateur gay porn. While visiting a gay club in Dallas they came across Everett. He was sitting at a table with his shirt off and sweating from the humid heat and plenty of dancing. The first thing they noticed about Everett is his lean body with silky smooth olive toned skin. They approached Everett to discuss him performing naked on camera. Everett was honored if not somewhat a little embarrassed but quickly said yes to the offer. The next day he showed up as he promised and did his first ever adult video session.

Everett has a cool Texas accent and a typical southern boy charm even though he is from a big city. He talks about the first time he had sex with a guy which was only a few months ago then gets right down to stripping off his clothes and jerking his cock. Everett has a very lean body with little fat or bulky muscle. At 6 feet tall and 170 pounds he isn’t super skinny but instead looks healthy. His chest and stomach are virtually hairless and a black tattoo traverses his lower abdomen just above his black and pink underwear. For a first time amateur, Everett looks comfortable getting naked in front of a bunch of strangers he met only the night before. The underwear come off as easily as the rest of his clothes to show us his soft cock with shaved pubes.  Everett isn’t much soft but is definitely a grower. With a few rubs of his hand his cock is standing straight out and looks to be about 7.5 – 8 inches long. Everett shows off his smooth ass and does a few poses before getting to business of jerking out his load. While he jerks he flexes his abs and rocks his pelvis like he is fucking his hand. It’s cool watching him move his whole body as he strokes his hard dick. His face and shoulders get flushed and his breathing increases as he gets close and finally shoots a stream of cum that leaves a trail from just below his nipple down his smooth body to the base of his still hard cock.

Real Southern Men – Amateur Gay Porn

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Inked southern studs suck, fuck, and cum. Both guys are thin, hung, and sporting tats. After sucking each other’s cock to full erection, Cody gets to business fucking Dallas’ hairy ass. The action is non stop as Dallas moves Cody into different positions and thrusts his big hard dick into the strawberry blond boy’s butt hole. Cody shoots jizz across Dallas’ bubble butt. Dallas rolls onto his back and lets loose his own thick creamy load. This is some of the hottest fucking at Southern Strokes I’ve seen in a while.

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Southern Strokes provides videos of gay and straight amateur southern boys in jerk off videos and hardcore sex scenes. The site has started something new called BTS or behind the scenes. They show us the video that would have ended up on the cutting room floor if they used film but were simply deleted in this case. This week the BTS set features Jayden and Ashton. In this raw video footage we get a chance to see the guys talk and play and fluff each other between scenes. If you have ever wondered what a porn shoot is really like and what the guys do when not on camera this will give you a little idea. The camera stays focused on the guys so we aren’t bothered with the lighting and camera aspects like some other sites do. This simply gives us a look at the personal side of the models. My favorite part is the expression on Ashton’s face and his reaction as Jayden shoots his load across his cute, boyish face. You can see the cut footage as well as the behind the scenes special at Southern Strokes – Amateur Southern Men.

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