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tanned college guy jacks his shaved cock

Bull is the latest straight guy to strip naked and get off for us at the Straight Fraternity. Nikko has been trying to get Bull for about 3 months before he finally said yes. The wait was worth it! Bull is a friendly guy that is kind of shy during the interview but lightens up when they start asking him questions about his sex life. Bull says he first learned to jack off when he was about 12 and has been doing it a lot since. He dreams of sex in public places so doing a naked jack off video that will be posted on the web is a good start. Bull strips down to his underwear and starts rubbing his dick until it is hard then pulls them off to show us a hairless cock that matches the rest of his smooth hard body. For a straight guy, Bull doesn’t mind showing off every inch of his body including his sweet ass and you feet lovers are going to flip over all the camera angles shot from the end of the bed with close up of his feet and hard cock. Bull is quiet as he jacks but gets vocal when he cums shouting “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” as he sprays cum onto his tanned belly.

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Gavon cums at Straight Fraternity

Gavon is pretty open about his first jack off experience and other jerk off sessions with his friends while growing up. He’s gotten off with other dudes before but never touched another guys dick or been touched down there by a man in a sexual way before. That’s all about to change as Gavon does his debut performance at Straight Fraternity. This fair haired and freckled 21 year old inked army dude starts by telling us the masturbation stories of his youth then strips naked to show us his many and colorful tattoos. He relaxes on the bed to stroke his dick until it is good and hard. Then, like a good soldier following instructions, he puts his arms behind his head as the frat master applies a large dose of lube to his precum dripping dick. Gavon stays in the reclined position as he receives his first gay handjob from the fraternity master.

Gavon gets his first gay handjob

After a hard day at work Parker comes back to the frat house to take a long hot shower and relax. As he’s getting out of the shower the house master sees that Parker is in serious need of some relaxation therapy. He tells the tattooed stud to lay down for a massage. The house master rubs Parker’s shoulders, back, and legs then spends some time working his hand along the crack of the stressed dudes ass. Parker’s 9 inch cock is sticking out a bit so it gets some attention too. Parker rolls over to get his front massaged and it is obvious that he is semi hard as the towel covering his privates is tenting a bit. The housemaster oils up Parker’s cock and slides both his hands up and down the thick shaft. Next, Parker is treated to a deep throat blow job that causes him to shoot a stream of cum. When all is done Parker thanks the housemaster for helping him to relax after a hard day.

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Furry straight guy Logan is new at Straight Fraternity. Like nearly all new pledges Logan does an introductory jack off video and gets a helping hand from the house pledge master. Logan strokes his uncut cock while laying back of a bed and sprays a huge load onto his thick, hair covered chest.

Hairy chested straight guy jerks off at fraternity house bedroom

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