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blond guy jacks his big dick and licks his own cum off a glass table top

Race Marshall leaves his hat on for his entire jack off video at You Love Jack. From what little hair we do see on his head he is very blond. Almost like albino except his blue eyes. When Race lowers his pants to show us his dick and ass the trimmed pubes and light fuzz on his lower belly are also very light colored. His hair color becomes a mute point once his dick starts getting hard though. Race has a very nice 8 inch cock that stands nearly straight up as he lets go and throbs for attention. Race tells us that his dick needs nearly constant attention. He has broke up with boyfriends before because they couldn’t keep up with the needs of his aggressive dick. I bet there are a lot of guys that would love the chance to keep Race and his cock busy for a while. His dick isn’t the only part that will turn guys on though. When he lifts his shirt we get to see his 6 pack abs and muscular chest. His upper abdomen area has a few tattoos including a cute cartoon of the Grim Reaper. Gotta love it! Race lies back and continues to stroke himself while changing the camera to give us different views and close ups of everything from his pierced nipple down to his swinging balls. There have been some notable cum eaters at You Love Jack before and Race is being added to that list. He spunks onto the glass topped table that is part of the studio decor. As soon as he is done throbbing and spurting he kneels down to lick it up.

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billy hicks jerks his big cock

Billy Hicks is an 18 year old Canadian that has been waiting to do his first porn video. The guys at You Love Jack were happy to bring him in to get naked and watch him get off from his sample pictures. What they didn’t know is that Billy had a trick up his sleeve, or in this case a huge cock in his pants. Billy is cute but isn’t all that as he gets started. There is a nice bulge that we get a close up view for in his underwear but again, it isn’t all that. Thing get better and way bigger when the young man starts stroking though. Billy is definitely a grower! His average sized shaved cock gets bigger and bigger until it is fully hard and standing at an impressive 10 inches in length. If you love skinny boyz with oversized cocks then you’re going to do flips over Billy Hicks. As if his big cock isn’t enough, when he takes his shirt off we see that his chest and stomach are as hair free as his boyish face. There is no fat or hair to obstruct the view of his 6 pack abs as he lays back on the futon to rub one out in his first porn video. With a face, body, and cock like his; I am fairly sure it won’t be long before we are seeing more of this hung stud at other Canadian porn sites.

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Nicky Blackrock stufs his fingers and a dildo up his ass as he jerks off

I’ve been feeling sort of retro lately and going through some old porn folders on my computer when I came across a folder called “YLJ-NB-awesomecock”. Back when I cared enough to categorize my porn YLJ was You Love Jack, NB is Nicky Blackrock, and the awesome cock part should be obvious looking at his pictures above. Along with self sucking Jessie Clinton, Nicky B was one of the guys I drooled over most and kept going back to. This dark haired Canadian guy puts on a heck of a show in his homemade jack off video. He starts by adjusting the camera wide and strips from his jeans to a pair of loose shorts and a black tee shirt. He starts stroking his cock through the shorts and it’s size become apparent before he even takes it out. When he does take it out, Nicky’s cock is long and thick with an upward curve that is perfect for deep throating in a 69 position. At least that is what I think about while watching him. He takes the shorts completely off and lays back to start jerking. His hand moves down to his butt and he slides a few fingers in for extra pleasure. His fingers soon give way for some bigger anal toys that seem to make Nicky very happy and his cock looks like it gets even bigger. Nicky’s hand starts to pump faster and harder as he gets close and his head bucks back as his huge cock sprays a stream of white cum that splatters onto his black tee shirt. The only time I’ve seen Nicky look better is in his next video where he shoots another huge load onto his semi hairy chest and belly. You’ll have to go back in the archives to find him but it’s worth it. Nicky is completely yummy!

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Enzo and Brian get off

Enzo is straight but loves to get off and doesn’t care who it is with when he’s getting good head. In this case, it is Brian that sucks down Enzo’s hard cock in this free gallery from You Love Jack

Italian twink inserts fingers up his ass as he jerks his dick and squirts a big load of jizz

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You Love jack is the site where amateur Canadian men visit a Toronto apartment equipped with a futon, lots of lube, and a video camera with a monitor. The premise is simple… horny guys with big cocks film themselves jerking off or having sex with a partner. Because the videos are homemade there is only 1 camera angle and the guys need to move around to provide interesting views of their big dicks and other action. Chris Nichols is a model that doesn’t move around too much. Nor does he spend a lot of time adjusting the camera. What Chris does do is provide an excellent show!

Chris starts fully dressed and starts stripping with a wide view. His underwear are kind of funny with Blah Blah Blah written all over them in rainbow colors. It’s obvious that Chris is having a good time thinking about what he’s doing because his dick is already semi hard and looking great before he takes his underwear off. He strokes his cock through the cloth for bit then lowers them to give us a full on view of his very nice cock. There isn’t anything about Chris that isn’t nice actually. He has a cute clean shaven face, a tight little body with virtually no fat or hair, and a good 7 inch cock that as you see gets hard with very little effort. The only hairy part of Chris are his legs. Chris moves the camera in for a close up of his hard dick and it becomes even more clear that this twink is excited. He has a steady flow of clear precum that drips from the head of his hard penis. Chis brings the view back out and gets to work on his rock hard cock and his ass. Oh ya, Chris is a boy that loves to be fucked for sure! He applies a little lube to his fingers and slides them up his shaved hole. The look on his face clearly shows just how much he loves the feel of his ass being penetrated. He continues stroking his dick using a few grips as he fingers his butt hole. Then he adds a finger to the mix. He moves 3 fingers all the way in and out gets really into stretching his ass as wide as it can go. At one point he uses both hands to open his hole wide. For such a little looking guy, he gets that hole very wide. Even a long fat cock as big as Devin Moss would easily go into that  well stretched hole. Chris really gets into the anal action as he strokes his dick faster and harder, shooting a big stream of cum into the air and onto his smooth flat belly. Even after he cums the anal pleasures Chris provides to himself don’t stop. He takes his fingers and scoops up the glob of jizz from his belly and pushes it deep into his ass. He moves his fingers about giving himself one last bit of excitement then takes his hand out to lick his fingers clean. There are lots of big dicked amateurs like Chris at You Love Jack that make homemade gay porn videos.

Nineteen year old straight dude Drew Parker does his adult video debut wearing long johns and a fleshlight. He begins the video already partially undressed wearing a thin pair of blue long underwear and a basic black tee. The tee comes off quickly and as he sits up to adjust the camera angle in his homemade porn we get a good look at his lean upper body and a semi hard dick already standing underneath his drawers. He plays with his semi hard seven inch cock a bit beneath his long underwear then pulls the top down below his balls so that his dick stands straight up from its base. Seeing that freshly released throbbing cock standing at full attention with Drew’s cute face in the background is one of my favorite sections in his video. He completely removes the long underwear and picks up a clear fleshlight with a mouth opening at the end. Drew has a very stimulating look on his face as he slides the sex toy over his dick; like watching a virgin have sex for the first time. Drew slides the tool faster over his lubed cock and you see it move through the clear sides. He shoots a sticky glob of cum onto his hairless abdomen then uses a few fingers to scoop it up and put it in his mouth. Damn this guy is hot!

Drew uses a flesh jack on his rock hard 7 inch dick

Homemade gay porn at You Love Jack

Ginger haired and pink cheeked Danny pushes his underwear off and gives his scrotum a pull as he starts his homemade video at You Love Jack. His cock responds by engorging and getting even harder. His cock has got to be at least 9 inches. He glides his hand up the long shaft and rolls his foreskin up and over the sensitive head. Danny lets out a pleasurable sigh as he slides his finger into his tight ass . He continues to finger fuck his hole as he pumps his hips in rhythm with his stroking until he shoots a flow of white cum into a waiting glass. Cheers!

Danny Hunter jacks his oversized uncut cock

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