Young Canadian men hoping to break into the gay porn business do jerk off videos, play with sex toys, and are hooked up with more experienced performers for hardcore sex at Video Boys. Most of the guys are young (age 18 -25), smooth, and uncut but there are also some jocks and semi hairy men too. Looking back through the archives there are some well known gay porn stars that did early appearances such as Pierre Fitch, Jessy Karson,  Shane Frost, and Jeremy Roddick to name just a few. The older videos have the same guys and look very similar to the videos that used to be on Montreal Boys Live so if you miss Ian Duncan or Xander Shapo you may find some bit of nostalgia here.

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The Video Boys tour will give you a very good idea of what the site is like as they are almost identical to the member’s area. A large scrolling billboard at the top highlights the latest three updates. The three top rated member’s favorites are shown next with a complete list of updates shown as large thumbs. There are 18 pages of full size preview videos and scene summaries to look through. The size and quality of the preview videos match exactly what is inside. Chances are near 100% that if you like the contents of the tour that you will love the member’s area. The single issue with the tour for me was that it leaves out the bonus sites available to members. The join page states that members will also get unrestricted access to Squirtz and Jeremy Roddick but it does not mention the other two bonus sites Cruiser Boys and Maximo Latino.

Members Area:

Video Boys members Home Page - xxxAs previously mentioned, the members area is almost identical to the tour so if you navigated outside the members area, inside is no problem.

The very top of the member’s home page contain two links. A “support” link addresses the most common issues experienced at a membership video site including how to configure your computer for maximum compatibility including required browser plug ins, how to cancel your membership, and how to contact Video Boys for additional help. The “feedback” link goes to a form to send messages to the webmasters. Members can tell the owners what they like, what they don’t, report issues, and most interestingly, request to see more of a favorite model or a model pairing.

Just below the Video Boys logo are the same links that on the tour: “Home” and “Movies”. The home link is self explanatory and takes you to the member’s home page. The movies link goes to page one of the video archives. An additional link that isn’t on the tour takes members to the video “Store”. The store contains 10 DVDs produced by the Video Boys Studio that range in price from $14.95 to $39.95.

A large scrolling picture billboard displays the latest three updates along with a snip it of text describing the models in the scene and the date that the scene was added. The billboard changes slowly but twice I clicked a second too late and was taken to an update that wasn’t what I was expecting.

The three most popular scenes are shown as large thumbnails next. Luckily, they don’t scroll and it was very easy to click to an old Pierre Fitch three way.

The eight most recent updates are shown next. A large thumbnail showing the models, text with their names, and the date added is displayed. The eight recent updates are the same eight shown if you had clicked the “Movies” link at the top of the page. A row of numbered boxes lies immediately below the recent updates allowing members to jump to a page of updates displayed in chronological order.

There are 18 pages of archives with eight large thumbnails per page for a total of 138 videos as of today’s visit. Clicking a thumbnail opens the scene’s page. Each scene page has a large streaming player that shows videos at 960 x 540 pixels. Older videos are also displayed in a 960 x540 wide screen (9:5) view even though they were recorded in a 4:3 ratio. Lots of sites have done this and it is very common on tube sites so it shouldn’t bother most. A very cool player allows viewers to skip ahead without having to wait for the entire scene to load into memory. This is very nice for people that don’t care about the interview portion or only want to see the cumshots. I jumped around the 6 or so videos I watched and found the average wait was about 1-2 seconds for buffering and playback to resume. For members with slower connections, a 640 x 360 version may also be streamed in the same player with the same functionality. The videos can be downloaded via text links below the viewing screen. Video files are mov so they will play easily on MAC as well as PCs with Real Player installed. MP4 files can be downloaded to play on portable devices as well. Videos are DRM free so once you download them, you can watch as often as liked. A text description of the scene sits beside the download links making it easy to scan for things a viewer may be more interested in. This feature made it easy to find the scene that Jessy Karson self sucks in without having to jump around in a player or down load all of his scenes. Digital pictures and screen captures from the video can be downloaded in a zipped file or viewed from the gallery below the text description. The quality of stills can vary from scene to scene. The digital photo images displayed at the top of the gallery thumbs are all of good quality. The screen caps can range from average quality to very good.

The bottom of the home page contains links to the four bonus sites mentioned above. As Video Boys itself only updates every other week, the bonus sites are nice to provide a constant supply of new men. Glancing through the bonus site updates, it looks like a member will have access to 3-4 updates a week. The connection to bonus sites is secure so members are not required to reenter a password if they come from Video Boys. One bonus site (Squirtz) contains many of the young men on video boys doing their initial casting couch jerk offs so members can see even more of their favorites.

What we like:

  • Very cute twink models with big uncut cocks
  • Bonus access to Squirtz
  • Download videos with no DRM
  • Reduced membership cost for loyal members

We we didn’t like:

  • Older videos have lower quality
  • Every other week updates

Membership Cost & Options:

Monthly Membership – $29.95 rebills at $25.95 after 30 days then $21.95 every 30 days

30 day Membership – $34.95 does not rebill

90 Day Membership – $64.95 does not rebill

Billing for Video Boys is provided by CCBIll, a well respected and safe credit card processing company. The pricing structure can seem confusing at first glance because loyal members are rewarded with decreased rebill costs. There are no cross sales on the join form.

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last visit: 3 January 2011

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