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naked twink gets wet in more ways than one in the shower

Skater twink Ashton gets himself wet in more ways than one in this shower scene at Boys Pissing. The skinny lad starts in his underwear and a tee shirt standing in the shower with the water off. He whips out his cock and starts peeing. The piss goes up onto his shirt and runs down his thin legs. Ashton takes off the urine soaked shirt and underwear to begin jerking his dick and fingering his smooth ass. It isn’t long before Ashton cums and has another wet substance getting the skater boy soaked.

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Jackson Klein is happy when the plumber shows up to fix his bath tub. It’s Jackson’s day off and he is ready for some “alone time”. Jackson can’t help but stare as the plumber, Samuel O’Toole explains what is broken and what needs to be done in order to fix it. Samuel isn’t surprised when he looks over to see Jackson rubbing his dick through his shorts. Samuel gets hit on all the time by women and men. His job is to keep the customers happy so…

Samuel and Jackson each take out their oversized cocks to start jerking off. The jerking turns to sucking in no time. Jackson has to open his mouth about as wide as it will go to fit Samuel’s wide cock. With his cock all covered in Jackson’s spit he is ready for more and Jackson’s ass is looking mighty tempting. Jackson is a little scared at the size of Samuel’s dick but has had plenty of beer and is ready to give it a try. Samuel snakes Jackson’s good and hard. Guess Jackson got some use of his tub today after all.

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I’m not sure why Janusz starts in the shower with his clothes on.. was he exposed to a chemical, needed to wash his clothes, or does he do it because it looks so damn hot and it is his job to get me horny? If it’s the later, it worked. Ever since high school swimming class I’ve had a thing for guys in the shower and Janusz looks awesome. My mouth started to water as the blond jock pulls back his shirt to show off his hairy chest and ripped abs. His waist is so thin that his pants are nearly falling off as he stands under the warm running water. Janusz finishes his shower and strips completely naked before moving to the bedroom where he gives us a plenty good look at his ass then settles on the bed to jack his big uncut cock. It seems odd that a guy is jacking off at a bareback porn site but HDK consolidated the raw site with HDK Men to provide us all the hot men and bareback action at one location. Janusz strokes his big dick until pre cum starts dripping from the tip and shoots his load onto his stomach in this hot, wet jack off scene at HDK Raw.

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Marcus Mojo - gay sex xxx

At the rate Next Door Studios is going, it won’t be long before they have a site in their network by everyone and for everyone that loves gay porn. The latest addition to the group, bisexual superstar Marcus Mojo. If you have ever visited Next Door Male or Next Door Buddies or Next Door Hook Ups; you have probably already seen this very cute hot jock in action. Personally, Marcus has been one of my favorites for a while. I’m totally in love with his piercing blue eyes and smile. His ripped body and god-like ass doesn’t hurt any either. His scenes have always been interesting to watch because he loves sex. All kinds of sex! He has sex with guys and girls, as a top and a bottom, and gives just as good as he gets when in a 3 way or orgy scene. Marcus also proves that you don’t need to have an elephant sized dick to make it in porn. Marcus has an average sized cock that looks small compared to some of his partners but I’d be happy to suck for him any day. In addition to all the scenes with Marcus you want, an advantage of his new site is that you also get access to all of the other Next Door sites.

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Rob Ryder shows off his dick sucking and bottoming skills with Jimmy Durano, Carter Nash, and Trent Blade

College Dudes 247 has made some important changes the last week. First, they have changed their name and are now known just as College Dudes. Second, they have added a $1 membership option. The tour at College Dudes is already pretty good at giving surfers a view of the hot jocks that jerk off, suck dick, and fuck in the members area. The $1 membership option makes it even easier to see what is inside and check out the amazing videos and Hi Res digital photos (not screencaps) for a very reasonable price.

In honor of College Dudes announcement I have gone through and picked up a number of pictures from one of my favorite College Dudes models Rob Ryder. I’ve had a thing for blonds since I was a teenager jerking off to pictures of Chad Allen and Ricky Schroder. Rob is better then either of them ever were even in my wettest of dreams. This short ripped jock is amazing. Along with his short spiked blond hair he has a very cute face with sparkling blue eyes and a natural smile. Moving down; Rob’s chest and shoulders prove that he takes very good care of his body and probably spends some time in the gym and hopefully the showers. I really love his smooth muscular chest and ripped abs. His dick is average size and he keeps his pubes trimmed but not too short. Inside his underwear it is Rob’s amazing ass that really gets me revving. Rob has one of the best looking and most fucked asses on the entire site. Of course that’s just my opinion but looking at the many college jocks that have fucked his sweet ass I feel they would agree with me.

Rob doesn’t just have a great looking body and ass. He is a very sexual man that loves to suck dick and get fucked. Rob is an excellent cock sucker. I know because he takes some of the longest dicks like Jimmy Durano and fattest cocks like Trent Blade all the way down with no gagging or hesitation. The blowjob he gives Trent in the locker room showers is one of my favorite oral scenes. Aside from seeing both men lathered up in the shower, watching Trent’s wide dick penetrate Rob’s cute face (which in the end takes a load of cum) is amazing. Rob’s ass is as equally if not more skilled at taking in college jock’s big cocks. Rob is what I like to call a mega bottom. The look on Rob’s face as Carter Nash fucks in at least 4 different positions proves that this guy really loves the cock. Seeing two very hot blond jocks sucking and fucking like bunnies is one video that I have watched a number of times and never fails to get me hard and wet.

Rob has more than 6 hardcore videos where he shows off his best cock sucking and bottom boy skills as well as the first jerk off video when he was a naive 19 years old freshman. You can see them all in the members area of the newly remodeled College Dudes website today.

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Long haired Carlos shaves his face, leaving a dark chinstrap that accents his angular jawline well. Then his black shorts bulges out in the crotch while he admires his reflection in the mirror. When he flops his dick out of the shorts, it’s easy to see why he can get turned on to his own image. Even soft, his uncut cock is a monster. Carlos hops in the shower and soaps up, and his huge dick just seems to get fatter every time he runs his fingers over it. He sits on the edge and lays back to stroke his amazing Brazilian cock.

At an elite private school Kayden and Maddox are the last 2 to take a shower after practice. The guys do some things that shouldn’t be done in a school shower like peeing. After each relieves himself the real entertainment starts. Kayden and Maddox play with each others smooth cocks, suck each other hard, and finish things fucking on a wooden bench. I guess there are advantages to being the last two in the shower.

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