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Gabriel Lenfant shows us his workout routine that gives him the incredible body and ripped abs he is known for. After working up a good sweat he heads to the locker room where he takes off his shirt and pours a bottle of water over his hairy pecs to cool off. The water looks great as it runs down his tanned skin and ripped abs. Gabriel’s big dick is sticking out the side of his shorts as he starts rubbing it. Soon enough it is at its full 8 inches and the foreskin is pulled back from the head. Gabriel strokes his big uncut cock in a few positions and spends a long time fingering his smooth ass giving us the best views of every hard inch of his body before spraying his cum load.

lean ripped jock jerks his big uncut dick in the locker room after a sweaty workout


31 year old man fucks a 20 year old guy up the ass with a 9 inch cock

Joe Parker is the 31 year old dude in the hat and sporting the 9 inch cock. Dalton Tyler is an energetic 20 year old with his own 7 inch cock. The action heats up fast as Dalton takes down Joe’s underwear to start sucking then turns his tight ass over to the older man for a hardcore big dicked fuck fest that leaves Dalton fully satisfied.

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Jackson Klein is happy when the plumber shows up to fix his bath tub. It’s Jackson’s day off and he is ready for some “alone time”. Jackson can’t help but stare as the plumber, Samuel O’Toole explains what is broken and what needs to be done in order to fix it. Samuel isn’t surprised when he looks over to see Jackson rubbing his dick through his shorts. Samuel gets hit on all the time by women and men. His job is to keep the customers happy so…

Samuel and Jackson each take out their oversized cocks to start jerking off. The jerking turns to sucking in no time. Jackson has to open his mouth about as wide as it will go to fit Samuel’s wide cock. With his cock all covered in Jackson’s spit he is ready for more and Jackson’s ass is looking mighty tempting. Jackson is a little scared at the size of Samuel’s dick but has had plenty of beer and is ready to give it a try. Samuel snakes Jackson’s good and hard. Guess Jackson got some use of his tub today after all.

Samuel O'Toole fucks Jackson Klein in a bathtub



Dean Van Damme cums at Hard Brit Lads

I don’t know where they find all these totally hot guys with big dicks for Hard Brit Lads but don’t really care either. There are basically three types of guys that are featured at HBL: big dicked twinks, big dicked jocks, and big dicked muscle hunks. You can easily see the the common denominator for all the models. (no pun intended) The latest guy to get naked and show us his big uncut cock is muscle hunk Dean Van Damme. Even fully dressed you can tell that he is a built dude. His tattoo covered arms are huge. When he starts to get undressed I was a little surprised. With his scruffy face and gruff attitude I was sure that Dean would have a hairy chest. Not the case! Dean is about as smooth as a razor can get someone. From his bulging pecs all the way down to his tight British butt hole; Dean is completely smooth. It looks good on him and makes licking your way down his sweaty ripped body more enjoyable. It gets even more enjoyable though when you get to Dean’s 8 inch (20 cm) uncut dick. The way that his dick stands at full attention you’d think that he trains his cock like he trains his other muscles. Based on the good pumping he gives it in his jack off video you can tell that Dean doesn’t do anything half assed.

tattooed muscle hunk strokes his shaved uncut cock


blond guy jacks his big dick and licks his own cum off a glass table top

Race Marshall leaves his hat on for his entire jack off video at You Love Jack. From what little hair we do see on his head he is very blond. Almost like albino except his blue eyes. When Race lowers his pants to show us his dick and ass the trimmed pubes and light fuzz on his lower belly are also very light colored. His hair color becomes a mute point once his dick starts getting hard though. Race has a very nice 8 inch cock that stands nearly straight up as he lets go and throbs for attention. Race tells us that his dick needs nearly constant attention. He has broke up with boyfriends before because they couldn’t keep up with the needs of his aggressive dick. I bet there are a lot of guys that would love the chance to keep Race and his cock busy for a while. His dick isn’t the only part that will turn guys on though. When he lifts his shirt we get to see his 6 pack abs and muscular chest. His upper abdomen area has a few tattoos including a cute cartoon of the Grim Reaper. Gotta love it! Race lies back and continues to stroke himself while changing the camera to give us different views and close ups of everything from his pierced nipple down to his swinging balls. There have been some notable cum eaters at You Love Jack before and Race is being added to that list. He spunks onto the glass topped table that is part of the studio decor. As soon as he is done throbbing and spurting he kneels down to lick it up.

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They never seem to have a shortage of big dicked men to get naked and hard for us at Hard Brit Lads. Ed P is an average looking straight guy with a deep sexy voice. He is wearing loose pair of shorts, white socks, and a jersey when he starts. As Ed does his interview he starts rubbing his dick through the shorts and becomes very clear that this man is BIG. Ed takes off his shirt so we can see his lean and hairy body. His chest and stomach are covered with a light coat of fur. After seeing so much chest hair, I was surprised that Ed trims his pubes. Not that he needs to in order to look bigger. Ed’s 9 inch uncut cock is already standing at full erection when he drops his shorts. Ed continues to stroke his thick cock as he shows off the rest of his hairy body including his furry butt then sits on the sofa to finish wanking off. The cum streams from Ed’s throbbing dick leaving a sticky puddle of white that looks great nestled in all that hair. Too bad they don’t film these guys in the shower. I bet Ed would be fun to watch lathering up. Maybe next time.


hairy chested British footballer strokes his big uncut dick



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Anthony is back shortly after doing his solo video and ready to take things to the next level and start earning the big cash to be had at Broke Straight Boys. He is teamed up with BSB veteran Jimmy. During Anthony’s jack off video he spent a little time fingering his own ass but I’m not sure if he ready for a big dick like the one on Jimmy. With a pat on the back and a word of encouragement from Jimmy the guys get started. Jimmy says that some members have been asking to see him get hard while wearing his underwear. Jimmy wants to please and bought a new pair of boxers just for this scene. He’s such a nice guy isn’t he? Anthony may say yes or no. The way Jimmy pushes his fat cock deep into Anthony causes the first time cock sucker to cough and gag. That’s okay if you can’t suck his cock Anthony, jimmy has something in mind that doesn’t involve stimulating your gag reflex. Jimmy puts on a condom and lubes up as Anthony shows us his shaved butt hole. From the grimace shown by Anthony as Jimmy slides his dick up the straight boys ass, Anthony may have preferred to continue with the dick sucking. Eventually he gets used to it and Jimmy is allowed to cut loose and really give Anthony’s ass a proper breaking in.

smooth bodied straight guy gets fucked by a dude with a big cock

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This week the webmaster of Twinks dot com announced some major changes. First, there is a new tour that gay porn surfers will enjoy more. The new tour shows a preview of the latest updates and allows surfers the opportunity to search through hundreds of scenes online in the members area before joining. Search by model name, jack off scenes, or hardcore “buddy” scenes. You can search for your favorite twink model like Luke Desmond, Devin Moss, or Seth Knight pictured below and see exactly what they have done or browse through scenes sorted by jack off or hardcore “buddy” sex. Not all the guys are exactly “twink” material but with over 100 guys to choose from there is bound to be something for everyone.

Seth Knight – Twink of the Year 2011

seth knight shows his smooth lean body and 8 inch cock

This little guy is so dang cute and talented. He has a little body with nearly any fat, a few tattoos, a super sweet ass, and a very nice 8 inch cock. As if watching Seth jack off wouldn’t be good enough, he has a few buddy scenes online that showcase his sexual expertise at swallowing dick and getting fucked. Some times he does both at the same time in a three way action scene that ends with both his sex partners fucking him at the same time. I love double penetration scenes and seeing it happen to a twink like Seth that really enjoys it makes it all that much better.

Bonus: Kinky Twinks at Boynapped

gay twinks do bondage and light S&M sex acts

Also starting this week, members of Twinks.com also get access to Boynapped included.These kinky twinks get into all kinds of alternative gay sex action. I have chosen a few preview pictures from scenes added in the past 30 days for the picture above. You can see even in this limited preview that the guys use props like straight jackets, rope, handcuffs, and slings to bind these cute young things then add things like candle way, clips, electrical simulators, and clamps to keep things interesting. Boynapped is not a hardcore fetish site but a good time for guys that like things a little kinky but vanilla enough not to cause any permanent damage or scars.

Even with the addition of Boynapped the monthly subscription price for Twinks remains competitive at $24.95 a month or you can preview the members area with a limited trial now for only $4.95.


drunk fratboy gets filled with two college boys hard cock

When a group of about 8 horny frat boys get drunk the inhibitions fly and the cocks come out, along with the video cameras in this scene at Fraternity X. The boy in the purple sports jersey is the recipient of the sexual advances by a blond wearing a wife beater and his friend in the red tee shirt. It is hard to tell which guy I like best in this as all three have their attributes. To start, all three have little trouble getting hard as onlookers cheer and video the gay sex action. The blond is cute and has a nice big dick. The guy in the red shirt has an awesome set of abs. The guy in the middle is just plain old good sport. The way he gets fucked while sucking dick at the same time is great fun. He shows even more spirit of a good time by letting the guy he’s been sucking off cum on his face! After catching a face full of cum he sits on the lap of the blond guy to stroke his own load onto his friends chest.

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blond twink fucks his big dicked friend and cums on his face

Timo Garrett and Jesse Jordan get off to a hot start as they strip each other naked while making out in this scene online now at Boy Crush. Jesse wastes no time getting Timo’s hard twink cock into his mouth once their clothes are off. Jesse licks the head and shaft then takes the full length down his throat making Timo moan with pleasure. Timo has a little trick from bringing oral pleasure himself. He uses his tongue ring on the sensitive underside of Jesse’s fat uncut cock. You can see Jesse’s ass tighten as his dick moves in and out and Timo’s tongue stimulates his exposed cock head when his foreskin is back. From the position Jesse is in it is easy for him to turn and sit down on Timo’s dick. Jesse takes a ride for a bit to loosen up his hairless twink butt hole then Timo takes over. Timo fucks Jese doggy style first then puts him on his back for some face to face fucking. Timo’s cumshot sends jizz flying across Jesse’s face. Jesse doesn’t seem to mind judging by the smile on his face. In a tender ending to an intense sex session; Timo bends over to lick his own cum from Jesse’s cheek and lips.

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