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Gabe Lawson knows exactly what is going on and is happy to help seduce the unsuspecting straight boy Jason St. James into having some full on gay sex in this scene at Bait Buddies. James has no trouble getting naked in front of the producer and his costar. He gets hard with the slightest of touching himself as well. The guys are having fun and getting along fine when the talk turns to some man on man sex (as always). Jason doesn’t mind getting blown by Gabe but is hesitant to put the blond guys cock into his mouth. Eventually he does and seems to do a good job sucking the big dick too. The guys stand up to move positions when Gabe slaps Jason on the ass and tells him to take a ride. Jason’s gone this far so why not. The look on his face is painful at first as he sits down on Gabe’s condom covered dick but he relaxes in no time and is riding the white pony like a pro. The best part about the riding part is seeing Jason’s hard cock bounce and slap against his smooth stomach as he slides up and down. Jason lays on the sofa for a full on fucking with Gabe. The action looks great as these two go at it full steam. Jason grabs his dick to stroke out his load that sprays all the way up his hairless chest as Gabe is still in him and Gabe follows shortly after adding his own spunk to the mix.

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Ripped power bottom, Ashton Rush is showing his affinity and skill for big cocks again in his latest scene at College Dudes with big dicked Scott Isaac. The guys can’t wait to get started and rip each others shirts off while kissing on the bed. Ashton rubs Scott’s smooth muscular chest as he moves his hands down to undo his belt and take off Scott’s pants. Scott is already semi hard and panting as Ashton goes down and starts sucking him. Ashton takes the full length of Scott’s 8.5 inch dick down his throat and licks his balls as Scott leans back on the bed. Scott goes down to suck Ashton’s hard cock next and has little trouble taking the small guys 6 inch dick all the way in. Personally, I like little guys like Ashton who is only 5’9″ tall and weighs 140 pounds. It makes it easy to move them exactly where you want them. Add to his cuteness and size the fact that he is ripped and DAMN Ashton is HOT! Scott takes advantage of his small size too after sucking him a bit and positions him into a number of interesting positions for an acrobatic fuckfest. Ashton is no stranger to being fucked; he has bottomed for at least four men before but Scott is the biggest to date. His ass is equally skilled at taking in every hard inch as his mouth was and the look on his face is sheer pleasure and fun as Scott pounds him hard from behind.

Scott Isaac fucks Ashton Rush with 8 inch cock


Owen gets a mouthful of cum from tattooed straight guy

My favorite dirty boy, Owen, is back with an open minded straight boy Jack for a blowjob exchange that ends with a facial cumshot at Dirty Boy Video. The guys start outside in a NYC park stroking their hard dicks and move back to Owen’s apartment for something a little to obvious for a public scene. Both guys take their dicks out and start stroking then Owen goes down to suck on Jack’s growing tool. Jack is a straight guy that loves head and doesn’t care who gives it to him. When it’s good enough and he is in the mood, he doesn’t even mind giving a little back. Owen must be good because Jack goes down to suck on Owen’s awesome cock next. The straight guy doesn’t suck the dick for long but Owen doesn’t seem to mind. He is right back at it slurping and sucking on Jack in no time. Owen jacks and sucks the thick dick until Jack gets close then opens wide for Jack to spray his load into his waiting mouth. Jack’s a real cummer! He ejaculates into Owen’s mouth so much that the jizz runs out and down the front of our blond boys mouth and chin. Owen looks so cute with a face full of cum.

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long haired twink jacks his big shaved cock

Alaric is a bisexual boy that is hard to classify. He is tall, thin, and smooth (twink), pale with long blond hair and dark eye makeup (goth). Alric starts on the Alternadudes rooftop like many of the models and gives us a preview of whats to come. He removes his black shirt to expose his pale hairless body and has a little fun with some head dresses that look awesome with his long blond hair. Alric moves inside to tease us more by opening his jeans and exposing the top of his big shaved cock. For a skinny guy his dick looks good and thick while the shaved pubes match well with his smooth body. Once Alric is naked he bends over and spreads his ass cheeks to show off his equally smooth hole. Alaric admits that he has bottomed for men before but doesn’t spend much time fingering his hole. Instead, he lays back on a big office waiting room type chair and gets to work stroking his cock. He really gets into as he goes pumping his hips to push his slicked up dick through his tight grip. The breathing gets heavy and he lets out a long sigh as the cum oozes from the head and runs down his hand and wrist. Alaric may not be much of a cummer but he sure does put on a nice show and is very easy on the eyes too.

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Skye is a blond twink that shows the first timers a good time at Boys First Time. He mostly bottoms for the newbies and is awesome at sucking cock. His own cock is nice sized and has a barbel piercing just below the head that would feel great going into a willing bottom boy’s smooth butt. Skye has two recent scenes at Boys First Time:

Blu Fucks Skye

tattooed twink has gay sex with pierced blond boy

I do love the alternative twinks and first time amateurs they find for the scenes at Boys First Time. Here, Blu is the dark haired twink with lots of tattoos and a dick that wont quit. The guys start by sucking each other in the laundry room then go into the living room where Blu can put Skye into some interesting positions to fuck him from. Skye gets fucked good but Blu gets tired and just wants to get off. Blu lays back on the sofa and watches as Skye works his oral magic with his pierced mouth. The feeling is great as Blu nuts in Skye’s mouth and we get a close up view of the cum and saliva mix running down Blu’s shaft. If you like tattooed twinks you’re going to love these two.

Skye Seduces Luis

dark skinned twink fucks blond boy with his uncut dick

This time it is Sky that takes charge when a cute dark skinned twink stops by to deliver some mail. Skye answers the door wearing nothing except a pair of underwear that shows a outline of his semi hard cock. Skye invites Luis in to talk then moves in for the kill when he catches Luis looking at his bulging underwear. Skye goes down on Luis’ uncut cock to get him good and hard then sits on his dick to loosen his hole for a hardcore fuck sesion on the kitchen table. Luis long strokes Skye’s butt before shooting his load directly onto Skye’s ass. The view of Skye’s pierced dick along with both guys smooth ripped bodies as they fuck is awesome!

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white twink sucks a big black cock and gets fucked

Intrigue is one of the popular black men that has gay sex with willing white boys at Blacks on Boys. Intrigue picks up Brett Styles at a local gym and after some small talk, takes him back to the apartment for some fun. Both guys get naked fast and are already semi hard with anticipation as they sit beside each other on the sofa. Brett reaches over to grab hold of Intrigue’s cock and starts to stoke it. Brett is hungry for the cock and leans over to start sucking it as soon as it is hard. Brett takes every inch down his throat without gagging and gets harder himself the more he sucks on Intrigue’s dick. Intrigue is ready for action now and bends over to suck on Brett’s dick which is already dripping precum. Intrigue moves his long tongue from Brett’s cock and balls to his shaved ass. For you guys that love a completely smooth hole, Brett is going to light your fire. You know what coming next after a rimming.. the fucking of course! Brett slowly lowers himself down onto Intrigue’s big black cock. Brett moves himself up and down the shaft until his ass sphincter relaxes and is ready for a pounding. Intrigue bend the white boy over to fuck him doggy style first then flips on his back with legs in the air for some face to face action. Brett’s loud moaning and pleading for more makes Intrigue pound him harder. Brett shoots his load across his stomach first and Intrigue pulls out to spray his cum on Brett’s face.

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Justin Harris has gay sex with Danny Carver

Hunky straight guy Danny Carver is relaxing in his room reading a book when his horny friend Just Harris comes in looking for sex. Danny doesn’t resist too much as Justin rubs Danny through the sheets then pulls them back to start licking Danny through his underwear. It isn’t long before Danny is hard and Justin has his hard uncut cock in his mouth. Justin pulls off Danny’s underwear for unobstructed access to his nice dick and gives his straight friend a good sucking before taking off his own clothes and mounting him. Justin slides up and down the hard sex pole of his straight buddy then gets on the bed for Danny to fuck him doggy style. Looking at Danny’s big smiling face, it doesn’t seem like he minded helping his horny friend get off or shooting his own load as well.

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Alexander Kudrov fucks Nicco Sky

Since the first time I seen Alexander Kudrov I knew that this Russian-American amateur was going places. It’s been a while but he is back at Randy Blue in a hardcore gay sex scene with Latino jock, Nicco Sky. The guys are almost opposite of each other; Alexander is blond, fair skinned, Russian, and kind of shy while Nicco is Latino, dark skinned, and outgoing. Both men have lean ripped bodies that alone could make a guy drool and together is downright HOT! The guys kiss a lot while undressing each other then Nicco gives Alexander’s ripped body a oral worshiping that starts at his neck and goes all the way to his super sweet ass. With all the rimming that Nicco provides, I thought for sure that Alexander was about to be fucked but it is Nicco that gets his ass rode hard and put away wet by his new found Russian sex buddy.

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I’m not sure why Janusz starts in the shower with his clothes on.. was he exposed to a chemical, needed to wash his clothes, or does he do it because it looks so damn hot and it is his job to get me horny? If it’s the later, it worked. Ever since high school swimming class I’ve had a thing for guys in the shower and Janusz looks awesome. My mouth started to water as the blond jock pulls back his shirt to show off his hairy chest and ripped abs. His waist is so thin that his pants are nearly falling off as he stands under the warm running water. Janusz finishes his shower and strips completely naked before moving to the bedroom where he gives us a plenty good look at his ass then settles on the bed to jack his big uncut cock. It seems odd that a guy is jacking off at a bareback porn site but HDK consolidated the raw site with HDK Men to provide us all the hot men and bareback action at one location. Janusz strokes his big dick until pre cum starts dripping from the tip and shoots his load onto his stomach in this hot, wet jack off scene at HDK Raw.

Janusz jerks his big uncut cock

Smooth 19 year old Euro twink Jiri Merta jacks his big uncut cock

I’ve been a member of Bad Puppy longer than any other gay porn site. Usually I’m cruising the live feeds or bonus sites looking for new sites and new models to keep my eye on. Sometimes I check in and see a cute model on the member’s home page that catches my attention and this morning a 19 year old Euro twink named Jiri Merta caught mine. This smooth bodied blond is so dang cute fully dressed that I couldn’t wait to see him naked. When he took off his shirt and I seen his naturally smooth body and ripped twink abs I was in lust. The juices really get flowing as he takes off his pants and starts stroking his big uncut cock. Jiri’s cock is thick all the way up the shaft and narrows to a tappered foreskin covered head for about the last 2 inches. As if his cute face, amazing body, and big dick aren’t enough, the white back ground and purple props used by photographer William Higgins contrast well with Jiri’s pale to tanned skin tones. If you like twinks or uncut men you’re going to go gaga over Jiri Merta at Bad Puppy.

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