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Blake Savage of Broke Straight Boys jerking off

Blake Savage is the latest straight boy to get naked and get off for cash at Broke Straight Boys. He does an interview telling us that he needs money bad to pay his rent. He takes off his clothes to show us his sexy baseball player body and furry ass crack. His dick is surrounded by a bushy pubic jungle that grows up the base of his growing cock. With some playing and stroking, his dick is at full erection and looking fabu. It looks like Blake relaxes as he starts to rub his smooth chest and stomach with his free hand as he continues to pump his hard cock. There are plenty of feet, balls, and cock photos and video close ups in this amateur jack off video online now at Broke Straight Boys.



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Byrce Jones is a straight college student that thinks doing a jerk off video will be a good way to make some money for books and other expenses. David Hitch is a hairy gay guy that loves sex and is especially interested in getting it on with a straight boy. The two young men meet up at the Bait Buddies studio to each do their first porn video. Bryce isn’t too happy when he learns that David will be in the scene with him but he needs the cash so…

The guys get naked and start jerking off together. David can’t help but keep looking over to watch Bryce stroking his hard dick. When the producer tells them to move closer and play with each others dick bryce gets a little squirmy. That is until David grabs hold of his cock and starts stroking. It feels good having someone jerk him off. It feels even better when david bends over to start sucking on Bryce’s dick. Bryce keeps his eyes closed but loves the way it feels and even moves his hand onto the back of David’s head to push his face all the way down his dick. David has sucked dick before and has no trouble taking in every inch of the straight guy’s dick. Bryce doesn’t do so well when it comes time for him to return the oral pleasure. He gives it the college try but fails at sucking dick. Bryce redeems himself when it comes to fucking though. He does david doggy style first then flips him onto his back with legs in the air to pound the gay guys hairy ass.

straight college boy gets blowjob from hairy gay guy


drunk fratboy gets filled with two college boys hard cock

When a group of about 8 horny frat boys get drunk the inhibitions fly and the cocks come out, along with the video cameras in this scene at Fraternity X. The boy in the purple sports jersey is the recipient of the sexual advances by a blond wearing a wife beater and his friend in the red tee shirt. It is hard to tell which guy I like best in this as all three have their attributes. To start, all three have little trouble getting hard as onlookers cheer and video the gay sex action. The blond is cute and has a nice big dick. The guy in the red shirt has an awesome set of abs. The guy in the middle is just plain old good sport. The way he gets fucked while sucking dick at the same time is great fun. He shows even more spirit of a good time by letting the guy he’s been sucking off cum on his face! After catching a face full of cum he sits on the lap of the blond guy to stroke his own load onto his friends chest.

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Ripped power bottom, Ashton Rush is showing his affinity and skill for big cocks again in his latest scene at College Dudes with big dicked Scott Isaac. The guys can’t wait to get started and rip each others shirts off while kissing on the bed. Ashton rubs Scott’s smooth muscular chest as he moves his hands down to undo his belt and take off Scott’s pants. Scott is already semi hard and panting as Ashton goes down and starts sucking him. Ashton takes the full length of Scott’s 8.5 inch dick down his throat and licks his balls as Scott leans back on the bed. Scott goes down to suck Ashton’s hard cock next and has little trouble taking the small guys 6 inch dick all the way in. Personally, I like little guys like Ashton who is only 5’9″ tall and weighs 140 pounds. It makes it easy to move them exactly where you want them. Add to his cuteness and size the fact that he is ripped and DAMN Ashton is HOT! Scott takes advantage of his small size too after sucking him a bit and positions him into a number of interesting positions for an acrobatic fuckfest. Ashton is no stranger to being fucked; he has bottomed for at least four men before but Scott is the biggest to date. His ass is equally skilled at taking in every hard inch as his mouth was and the look on his face is sheer pleasure and fun as Scott pounds him hard from behind.

Scott Isaac fucks Ashton Rush with 8 inch cock


College Dudes updates every Monday with a jack off video off and every Thursday with a duo or group sex scene. Last week we were treated to members favorite Jerry Ford training a new bottom boy Glenn Phillips yesterday a new guy Sebastian Bevins debuts with his first online jack off.

Jerry Ford Fucks Glenn Phillips

Jerry Ford and Glenn Phillips suck and fuck - gay sex

Jerry Ford is a long time member’s favorite at College Dudes with over 12 scenes online. People can’t get enough of this ripped jock and his 8 inch uncut cock. Glenn Phillips was an instant hit with members when he did his first jack off video in early May and has been back twice for sex scenes, the first time as a top with Devin Adams and now as a bottom with Jerry. Glenn starts the action getting on his knees in front of Jerry to suck him to full erection. The dark haired Glenn looks great with Jerry’s reddish colored pubes against his scruffy face. Jerry is ready for something more and pushes Glenn onto a sofa where he proceeds to suck his dick and rim his ass. After the rimming cpomes the fucking and there is plenty of fucking too! Jerry does Glenn doggy style, Glenn rides Jerry’s cock, and finally Glenn ends up on his back with legs in the air as Jerry pounds his ass. After watching Glenn as a top and a bottom; he’s a better bottom and I’d love to see more big dicked guys fuck him.

Sebastian Bevins Jacks Off

naked college guy jerking off

Sebastian Bevins makes an impressive splash in his debut video that went live this week at College Dudes. Sebastian says that he wants to try sex in public sometime but is terrified of being caught. Getting naked and jacking off on the internet may be the first step towards a more public appearance in the future. Sebastian has an average body without much hair (except his legs and ass crack) but does have a very cute face and a thick 8 inch dick. My personal preference always goes to the cute guys and with his dark brown hair and blue eyes, Sebastian definitely fits the bill. Sebastian strips down to his boxers at first to display his body then lowers the underwear to show off his nice round ass. Still standing, he starts stroking his dick until fully hard then sits on the chair to jerk out his creamy load.

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tanned college guy jacks his shaved cock

Bull is the latest straight guy to strip naked and get off for us at the Straight Fraternity. Nikko has been trying to get Bull for about 3 months before he finally said yes. The wait was worth it! Bull is a friendly guy that is kind of shy during the interview but lightens up when they start asking him questions about his sex life. Bull says he first learned to jack off when he was about 12 and has been doing it a lot since. He dreams of sex in public places so doing a naked jack off video that will be posted on the web is a good start. Bull strips down to his underwear and starts rubbing his dick until it is hard then pulls them off to show us a hairless cock that matches the rest of his smooth hard body. For a straight guy, Bull doesn’t mind showing off every inch of his body including his sweet ass and you feet lovers are going to flip over all the camera angles shot from the end of the bed with close up of his feet and hard cock. Bull is quiet as he jacks but gets vocal when he cums shouting “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” as he sprays cum onto his tanned belly.

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Dark haired college jocks fucks thin blond dude

It’s no secrete that Rob Ryder is one of my favorite models at College Dudes. He continues to impress with his sexual excitement shown in this suck and fuck scene with Paulie Vauss. Rob and Paulie start making out and undressing each other then Rob gets to business sucking on Paulie’s hard cock. You can tell that Rob is into it because his own dick is hard as a rock as he deep throats Paulie. Paulie moves his hard dick from Rob’s mouth to his awesome ass. Rob Ryder has got to be one of the 10 best power bottoms. Rob takes Paulie’s cock doggy style, rides it, and gets slammed by Paulie in at least 3 different positions. Thank goodness for the expert photography at College Dudes; we don’t miss one bit and get to see both of these great looking guys from angles that show off every hard inch of cock and hard jock bodies as they fuck.

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Jerry Ford sucks and fucks redhead jock Rick McCoy

Red haired college jock Rick McCoy only did his first jack off appearance at College Dudes a few weeks ago and became an almost instant member’s favorite. He is back this week in a hardcore scene with a College Dudes regular Jerry Ford. The action takes place in the kitchen area which is appropriate for these two as it often gets hot in the kitchen. The guys start on the marble counter top kissing and rubbing each others hard jock bodies. Jerry’s shorts and underwear are around his ankles and his hard cock in Rick’s mouth. Rick’s own hard dick is released as he continues to blow Jerry. Jerry returns the oral pleasure with a rimjob of Rick’s smooth pink ass. Rick has one of the nicest butts of the new guys and looks awesome bent over the stool as Jerry licks his ass. Once Rick’s hole is good and wet, Jerry puts on a condom and gets to work fucking the ginger jocks ass from at least three different positions. Rick takes Jerry’s hard cock up his ass like an experienced bottom and jerks his own uncut meat off and on as the fucking continues.

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Gavon cums at Straight Fraternity

Gavon is pretty open about his first jack off experience and other jerk off sessions with his friends while growing up. He’s gotten off with other dudes before but never touched another guys dick or been touched down there by a man in a sexual way before. That’s all about to change as Gavon does his debut performance at Straight Fraternity. This fair haired and freckled 21 year old inked army dude starts by telling us the masturbation stories of his youth then strips naked to show us his many and colorful tattoos. He relaxes on the bed to stroke his dick until it is good and hard. Then, like a good soldier following instructions, he puts his arms behind his head as the frat master applies a large dose of lube to his precum dripping dick. Gavon stays in the reclined position as he receives his first gay handjob from the fraternity master.

Gavon gets his first gay handjob

Brody Grant's Christmas jaerk off

Brody Grant provides this year’s Christmas update at College Dudes. While his jack off video may not be as exciting or as long as last years holiday orgy he is definitely fun to watch and looks like he has a good time getting off for us in front of his holiday tree.

Merry Christmas from College Dudes