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AJ Monroe and Nash fuck each other bareback

HD bareback videos at Chaos Men

Back in March Brian of Chaos Men hooked up newcomer Nash with AJ Monroe and the rest, as they say, was history. The action between these two tattooed jocks is so hot that I have gone back to watch this video every time Nash comes back for more. The action moves fast as AJ gets right down to sucking Nash’s dick. Nash’s cock looks amazing coming out of AJ’s mouth rock hard and covered with saliva. Nash is anxious to get AJ’s cock out. He throws AJ on the bed and pulls down his shorts and underwear all at once. AJ’s cock is already hard and smacks against his belly as the shorts come down. Within 3 seconds Nash has AJ’s full cock in his mouth. Nash sucks AJ’s dick for a bit then the guys turn to 69. Both guys have very nice cocks and Brian moves around to give us plenty of close up views. The intense cock sucking was enough to get me off but these studs were just getting started. AJ moves behind Nash and pushes his spit covered cock up Nash’s tight ass. Personally, I notice the small things when watching porn and the look on both guys face as AJ pushes his dick in is great. Nash winces a bit and AJ’s expression is pure bliss. AJ pound Nash bareback from a few different positions then offers up his own jock butt for Nash to fuck. AJ takes a cock as good as he gets it. Nash goes to town fucking AJ with an equal fervor. Nash shoots onto AJ’s hole and AJ busts his nut while Nash pushes his dick in through the cum.

BONUS: Absolutely be sure to watch the out takes from this video. During a break in shooting, the guys are watching a straight porn where the girl is fucked while hanging from the guy. Nash says that he could hold AJ up and they give it a try.

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Blond haired college jock Rob Ryder is a favorite of members at College Dudes and Jayden Grey is no stranger to cock sucking or fucking on camera either. Together, there are many ways to describe the chemistry between them but I choose to use FUN. Both guys have lean jock bodies and dicks that get hard at the drop of their pants. They start heavy with lots of deep kissing until both are undressed and Jayden goes down to suck on Rob’s dick. After a few minutes of getting his cock tongued and sucked, Rob pushes Jayden on his back and moves on top in a 69 position. Rob licks his lips, grabs hold, and slides Jayden’s dick all the way in his mouth and down his throat while Jayden continues his tongue lashing but now it is on Rob’s hairless pink ass hole. Watching the intensity of these guys in 69 position and knowing what was to come from the rimming received by power bottom Rob was getting me horned up and hard. Like a good and experienced bottom, Rob knows exactly how he likes to take cock up his ass. He moves into position as Jayden puts on a condom and sits down on Jayden’s pole. At first Rob controls the tempo as he slides up and down then Jayden takes command putting Rob on his hands and knees to be fucked doggie style. The action gets loud as Jayden’s body slaps against Rob’s ass and Rob moans like a bitch in heat from the incredible pounding. The hardcore fucking continues and Rob screams for more right up to the point where Rob shoots his load. Jayden cums soon after adding his own jizz to the cum and sweat covering Rob’s stomach.

Jayden rims Rob's ass then fucks him silly

Rob Ryder shows off his dick sucking and bottoming skills with Jimmy Durano, Carter Nash, and Trent Blade

College Dudes 247 has made some important changes the last week. First, they have changed their name and are now known just as College Dudes. Second, they have added a $1 membership option. The tour at College Dudes is already pretty good at giving surfers a view of the hot jocks that jerk off, suck dick, and fuck in the members area. The $1 membership option makes it even easier to see what is inside and check out the amazing videos and Hi Res digital photos (not screencaps) for a very reasonable price.

In honor of College Dudes announcement I have gone through and picked up a number of pictures from one of my favorite College Dudes models Rob Ryder. I’ve had a thing for blonds since I was a teenager jerking off to pictures of Chad Allen and Ricky Schroder. Rob is better then either of them ever were even in my wettest of dreams. This short ripped jock is amazing. Along with his short spiked blond hair he has a very cute face with sparkling blue eyes and a natural smile. Moving down; Rob’s chest and shoulders prove that he takes very good care of his body and probably spends some time in the gym and hopefully the showers. I really love his smooth muscular chest and ripped abs. His dick is average size and he keeps his pubes trimmed but not too short. Inside his underwear it is Rob’s amazing ass that really gets me revving. Rob has one of the best looking and most fucked asses on the entire site. Of course that’s just my opinion but looking at the many college jocks that have fucked his sweet ass I feel they would agree with me.

Rob doesn’t just have a great looking body and ass. He is a very sexual man that loves to suck dick and get fucked. Rob is an excellent cock sucker. I know because he takes some of the longest dicks like Jimmy Durano and fattest cocks like Trent Blade all the way down with no gagging or hesitation. The blowjob he gives Trent in the locker room showers is one of my favorite oral scenes. Aside from seeing both men lathered up in the shower, watching Trent’s wide dick penetrate Rob’s cute face (which in the end takes a load of cum) is amazing. Rob’s ass is as equally if not more skilled at taking in college jock’s big cocks. Rob is what I like to call a mega bottom. The look on Rob’s face as Carter Nash fucks in at least 4 different positions proves that this guy really loves the cock. Seeing two very hot blond jocks sucking and fucking like bunnies is one video that I have watched a number of times and never fails to get me hard and wet.

Rob has more than 6 hardcore videos where he shows off his best cock sucking and bottom boy skills as well as the first jerk off video when he was a naive 19 years old freshman. You can see them all in the members area of the newly remodeled College Dudes website today.

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Cute college jock strips and jerks off

Charlie is a cute college jock that played sports in high school and obviously takes care of his body. During his interview he admits that graduating high school has been the happiest day of his life. He says that he isn’t very wild but looking at the big central American tribal tattoo on his shoulder and the excitement he brings while stroking his hard cock; I’d say he looks pretty wild to me. Charlie presented me with a unique challenge. I really don’t know what I like best about him; his very cute looks or his amazing jock body. As you can see, Charlie has a very cute face with some freckles and a big friendly smile. His body doesn’t have much hair yet making him look young but his body is well defined and muscular. Charlie jacks his rock hard dick and shoots his jizz across his 6 pack stomach then rubs the cum all over his muscular chest. His cum covered body with that big grin on his face is a fitting finale to this amateur’s first porn scene.

In addition to his introduction jack off video Charlie recently did a scene with another hot jock Jamie. Here is a preview pic to give you an idea of hot and wild Charlie can be. Go to Sean Cody to see more of Charlie in solo and hardcore gay sex action along with hundreds of other naked college jocks.

Jaime slides his hard dick up Charlie's sweet ass

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Shane and Jerry have chemistry from the very beginning of this extremely hot fuck scene. Jerry has some cool looks on his face as he experiences a nice big dick deep inside him, and once he gets the hang of it, Shane starts to pound the hell out of his ass. After pumping Jerry for a while, Jerry sprays his jizz. Shane delivers his signature cumshot all over Jerry’s chest, face, hair, and over onto the couch. Jerry opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out for a taste.

Tyler and Zack at Boy Gusher

You probably recognize the cute dark haired guy (Tyler) from Broke Straight Boys. Tyler was staying the night at the producer’s house where most of the action for Boy Gusher is filmed and decided to give the sleeping blond a treat to remember.

Tyler goes in to find Zack sleeping in nothing but a pair of white briefs. Tyler caresses the sleeping dudes smooth chest and stomach then moves his hand down to stroke the sleeping beauties cock which you can easily see through his underwear. It doesn’t take long before Zack is up. Both as in awake and hard. Zack lifts his hips a bit as Tyler slides down Zack’s underwear to give us an unobstructed view. Tyler begins sucking on Zack’s hard dick as he plays with his shaved balls. Zack enjoys the blow job and returns the favor by turning around to suck Tyler’s dick as the two boys 69.

With both guys cock rock hard, Zack wraps his legs around Tyler’s hips and Tyler presses his dick against Zack’s and strokes both at the same time. The double stroking goes on for a while until Tyler lets loose his jizz that lands on Zack’s stomach. Tyler continues to jerk Zack off until Zack shoots a nice stream of cum that spurts up his chest. Waking up to a BJ and hand job from cute boy Tyler is a great way to start anyone’s day!

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Amateur college jock Tyler Andrews shows his stuff in a blue jock strap then rubs one out for your viewing pleasure. Tyler is one of the original models found at Bad Puppy. This college jock has a great body! He takes off his tee shirt and gets his arms pumped doing some dumbbell curls. His biceps bulge and he starts to work up a little sweat that makes his defined hairless chest glisten in the light. He takes off his shorts and is left wearing only a blue jock strap. I had a hard time figuring out what I liked best; his tight ass hanging out the back of the jock or the big bulge showing from the front. Lucky for us all, Tyler hops up on the chair and spreads his ass wide open for a perfect view of his promised land. Then, he slides his hard cock out the side of his jock and starts stroking his engorged member. As he stands to take the jock off, his ripped abs and body look awesome and his cock stands out from his body ready for more attention. Attention is what Tyler gives it too. He strokes his cock and plays with his balls until he shoots his load in an impressive cum shot that you won’t want to miss.

After a hard day at work Parker comes back to the frat house to take a long hot shower and relax. As he’s getting out of the shower the house master sees that Parker is in serious need of some relaxation therapy. He tells the tattooed stud to lay down for a massage. The house master rubs Parker’s shoulders, back, and legs then spends some time working his hand along the crack of the stressed dudes ass. Parker’s 9 inch cock is sticking out a bit so it gets some attention too. Parker rolls over to get his front massaged and it is obvious that he is semi hard as the towel covering his privates is tenting a bit. The housemaster oils up Parker’s cock and slides both his hands up and down the thick shaft. Next, Parker is treated to a deep throat blow job that causes him to shoot a stream of cum. When all is done Parker thanks the housemaster for helping him to relax after a hard day.

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College baseball jock Scott was at batting practice when he was struck by a wild pitch. The pain was severe so he went to the university clinic to see Dr. Phingerphuck. The doctor tells Scott to strip off his baseball uniform down to his jock and lay on the table for an examination. Scott does as told and has a seat on the exam table wearing nothing but a white jock and his socks. After a brief evaluation Dr. Phingerphuck tells Scott to roll onto his stomach for some electroshock and massage therapy. Two electrical pads are attached to Scott’s lower back then the doctor starts massaging the jocks muscular back and shoulders. Scott says that the massage is helping him to relax and the pain is getting better. The massage then turns to Scott’s tight ass, muscular legs, and feet. When the doctor massages his legs and feet we get a good look at the red hair covering Scott’s legs. Scott is getting a little excited by the foot massage and starts to get hard. The doctor things that a buildup of tension is the last thing that this college athlete needs and lends a helping hand to release the pressure building up in this red haired jock’s hard cock.

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Jesse is a hetero guy at that loves to experience sex. He says in his interview that he is really into sex and likes to do things that run the risk of getting caught. He freely talks about his girlfriend that he’s been seeing for the past year and says that he likes to do stuff like watch internet porn. When asked if he is totally straight or may be bisexual there is an exciting pause and he tells a story of how he picked up a trainee that he thought was a chick one night. Even after finding the chick’s penis he kept going because he loved her breasts so much. With Jesse’s personality, smile, and hot body I’m sure the trainee wasn’t disappointed and you won’t be either when you check out his photo shoot and jerk off video at Sean Cody.