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Troy Haydon gets blow job then has anal sex with Fraser Jacs

Troy Haydon can barely keep his hands out of Fraser Jacs shorts as the action starts between these two inked British jocks at Hard Brit Lads. Troy is getting into the dick sucking at first when the tables are turned and stay that way. Fraser starts to go down on Troy, sucking in his thick uncut cock. Troy shoves all 7 inches of his saliva covered dick down Fraser’s throat. Fraser loves sucking Troy’s beautiful cock but is ready for something more hardcore. Troy moves behind Fraser to rim and finger his sweet ass before filling it with his condom covered dick. Troy slams Fraser from three positions that end with Fraser on his back, legs in the air. Troy is pounding away as Fraser strokes his load across his hairy abs. Troy moves up to Fraser’s face and blasts his jizz into his waiting mouth. The thick cum looks awesome running down Fraser’s mouth and chin to his hairy chest.

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Tattooed hunk Ricky Sinz gets rimmed by hairy hunk Dean Monroe then fucks his hairy ass

Dean Monroe is the older of these two men at 39 years but it is 30 year old Ricky Sinz that dominates the action when these two hook up at Men Over 30. Dean drops to his knees to suck Ricky’s dick before he even has his own pants off. The dick sucking turns to an intense rimming that leaves Ricky moaning with pleasure from the feel of Dean’s beard and tongue in his ass. Dean wants more cock and sits on Ricky’s pole. The fucking continues in a few positions until Dean busts his load across his hairy stomach with Ricky deep inside him. Ricky pulls out to shoot his load of thick cum onto Dean’s bearded face.

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You can clearly see that Talen Matthews is ready to get into Ashton Clarke’s pants from the get go. As soon as the cute blond lays eyes on the 19 year old straight boy his engine is revving. As the guys are getting undressed you can already see the bulge growing in Talen’s underwear. When Talen can’t wait to see and opens Ashton’s boxers to take a peek at his uncut dick a big smile comes across his face. Talen pulls Ashton’s shorts down, grabs a hold, and gets to sucking. It is obvious that Talen loves to suck dick. His own cock is rock hard and dripping as soon as the straight guy’s dick is in his mouth. Ashton doesn’t take long to get hard either. Even straight guys know what a good blowjob feels like. Ashton lays back and enjoys the oral servicing for a while then gets aggressive. Ashton gets on his knees and starts to face fuck the blond gay cocksucker. Talen loves the hard dick being forced down his throat and starts to stroke his himself as Ashton pumps in and out of his mouth. They finally end up with Talen on his knees off the bed and Ashton kneeling on the edge of the bed continuing to to pump his dick into Talen’s mouth. As you can see at the end of the preview video above, Ashton busts his nut right into Talen’s mouth and across his cute face. Straight guys totally get off on getting blowjobs and cumming in the dick sucker’s mouth. Our gay boy Talen loves it too! He even says so at the end with Ashton’s big load dripping down his cum covered face.

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One of my recent favorites (blond haired and blue eyed Jack) is back at Broke Straight Boys with his friend Mark for some man on man sex. Mark is soft spoken but confident as he explains step by step exactly what the two straight guys are going to do with each other. First, I’m going do suck his dick, then he’s going to fuck me on my side and end missionary style; Mark says looking straight into the camera. Mark thinks he’s a good bottom which isn’t something you’d ever expect to hear a straight boy say. He did okay a few weeks ago getting rimmed and fucked by Darren a few weeks ago so he should know.

Mark makes good on his plan and gets right to work sucking on Jack’s dick. Jack gets hard pretty quick even though Mark doesn’t look like he is very good at sucking cock. He barely takes any of the man meat in his mouth. I guess getting blowjob is like pizza, even when it’s bad, it’s still pizza and having even a inexperienced straight guy sucking your cock can’t be all bad. Mark doesn’t look like he is enthused at all when Jack grabs his head to push his dick in deep but it is fun to watch the inexperienced cock sucker try to stop the tears from coming to eyes and gagging. Lucky for everyone that Jack is only using the blowjob to get hard and wet. As soon as Jack is ready he lays Mark on his side to fuck him. Mark definitely is a better bottom than dick sucker. Mark winces a little as jack slides his condom covered cock up his ass but soon relaxes and goes along for the ride. Even though he doesn’t mind getting fucked on camera for cash, I doubt that Mark is gay or even bi watching him get fucked because his dick stays as soft as can be as he gets screwed by Jack. Mark doesn’t want to disappoint his viewers and lets Jack finish the scene with an amazing cumshot.

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blond twink fucks his big dicked friend and cums on his face

Timo Garrett and Jesse Jordan get off to a hot start as they strip each other naked while making out in this scene online now at Boy Crush. Jesse wastes no time getting Timo’s hard twink cock into his mouth once their clothes are off. Jesse licks the head and shaft then takes the full length down his throat making Timo moan with pleasure. Timo has a little trick from bringing oral pleasure himself. He uses his tongue ring on the sensitive underside of Jesse’s fat uncut cock. You can see Jesse’s ass tighten as his dick moves in and out and Timo’s tongue stimulates his exposed cock head when his foreskin is back. From the position Jesse is in it is easy for him to turn and sit down on Timo’s dick. Jesse takes a ride for a bit to loosen up his hairless twink butt hole then Timo takes over. Timo fucks Jese doggy style first then puts him on his back for some face to face fucking. Timo’s cumshot sends jizz flying across Jesse’s face. Jesse doesn’t seem to mind judging by the smile on his face. In a tender ending to an intense sex session; Timo bends over to lick his own cum from Jesse’s cheek and lips.

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twink sucks hanging mans 10 inch cock and gets cum facial

My favorite big dicked twink, Steven Prior is the guest of honor this week at Boynapped. Steven is stripped naked and has his hands and feet tied together. Then they suspend him from a rope about 6 feel in the air between two concrete columns. The height is important because it is nearly perfect for resident twink Kenzie Madison to get below Steven and deliver a blowjob. Kenzie looks great with his ripped smooth body and Steven’s uncut 10 inch cock going in and out of his mouth. Even better yet is the end when Steven spurts his cum down Kenzie’s face and chest.

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Owen gets a mouthful of cum from tattooed straight guy

My favorite dirty boy, Owen, is back with an open minded straight boy Jack for a blowjob exchange that ends with a facial cumshot at Dirty Boy Video. The guys start outside in a NYC park stroking their hard dicks and move back to Owen’s apartment for something a little to obvious for a public scene. Both guys take their dicks out and start stroking then Owen goes down to suck on Jack’s growing tool. Jack is a straight guy that loves head and doesn’t care who gives it to him. When it’s good enough and he is in the mood, he doesn’t even mind giving a little back. Owen must be good because Jack goes down to suck on Owen’s awesome cock next. The straight guy doesn’t suck the dick for long but Owen doesn’t seem to mind. He is right back at it slurping and sucking on Jack in no time. Owen jacks and sucks the thick dick until Jack gets close then opens wide for Jack to spray his load into his waiting mouth. Jack’s a real cummer! He ejaculates into Owen’s mouth so much that the jizz runs out and down the front of our blond boys mouth and chin. Owen looks so cute with a face full of cum.

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white twink sucks a big black cock and gets fucked

Intrigue is one of the popular black men that has gay sex with willing white boys at Blacks on Boys. Intrigue picks up Brett Styles at a local gym and after some small talk, takes him back to the apartment for some fun. Both guys get naked fast and are already semi hard with anticipation as they sit beside each other on the sofa. Brett reaches over to grab hold of Intrigue’s cock and starts to stoke it. Brett is hungry for the cock and leans over to start sucking it as soon as it is hard. Brett takes every inch down his throat without gagging and gets harder himself the more he sucks on Intrigue’s dick. Intrigue is ready for action now and bends over to suck on Brett’s dick which is already dripping precum. Intrigue moves his long tongue from Brett’s cock and balls to his shaved ass. For you guys that love a completely smooth hole, Brett is going to light your fire. You know what coming next after a rimming.. the fucking of course! Brett slowly lowers himself down onto Intrigue’s big black cock. Brett moves himself up and down the shaft until his ass sphincter relaxes and is ready for a pounding. Intrigue bend the white boy over to fuck him doggy style first then flips on his back with legs in the air for some face to face action. Brett’s loud moaning and pleading for more makes Intrigue pound him harder. Brett shoots his load across his stomach first and Intrigue pulls out to spray his cum on Brett’s face.

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Colin Hewitt & Jean-Daniel Chagall have hot tub sex

Colin Hewitt & Jean-Daniel Chagall have hot tub sex at Bel Ami Online. The guys make out a little as they quickly strip off their swim suites to go nude in the bubbling hot tub. The camera work and cock sucking gets interesting quick as an under water blow job is exchanged and the camera goes under with them for an interesting viewpoint. These men are obviously in good shape but can only hold their breath for so long and I can only imagine how brominated water must be on the eyes. They move out of the water to continue their afternoon sex fest that includes plenty of rimming action to prep for a hardcore bareback fucking and a fitting finale that leaves one with a mouth full of cum.

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Lucas gets cum in his beard after rimming and blowing Tim

Even as a straight guy Tim admits that he loves to be rimmed. He’d rather it be from a girl but hey, a warm wet tongue is a warm wet tongue no matter who it is attached to. Today that tongue belongs to one of the newer cock suckers at NY Straight Men, Lucas. Lucas knows that Tim loves to have his straight boy ass licked and is more than happy to do it for him. Tim drops his pants for Lucas to get to work. Lucas starts by stroking Tims cock and playing with his balls then moves him to the sofa to start the rimming. Lucas spreads Tim’s cheeks wide to get his bearded face and long tongue in as far as possible. Both guys move to a coffee table where the ass licking and eating continues with Tim on top and underneath Lucas. Once Tim is satisfied that his hole has been serviced he pushes his hard cock into Lucas’ mouth. Tim face fucks Lucas and shoots his cum onto Lucas’ face and beard in a fitting finish to this scene at NY Straight Men.

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