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Olive skinned Sal has become a member’s favorite at Southern Strokes since the tour of Texas and Neil is a newcomer that is establishing a loyal following with the redhead lovers. In the latest scene these two amateurs hook up for a romp on the hay. On the hay as in the guys were horny and ready to go so they simply pull a few bales together and covered it with a flannel blanket for a real southern fuck scene. Sal really dominates the action this time around and Neil makes for an excellent submissive (both oral and anal). First Neil sucks on Sal’s cock. It doesn’t take long before Sal is fully hard and pushes his dark cock into Neil’s mouth and throat. The close ups provide a nice contrast between the dark skin of Sal with the pale white skin and scruffy red facial hair of Neil. The look of these two gets even better as Sal fucks the pale red haired southern boy’s ass. The ass plowing is so good that even the crickets get into it. They seem to get louder the longer the guys go at it and Neil adds a bit to the sound track himself, moaning and grunting as he takes Sal up his butt. Such a good scene couldn’t end any better either as Sal shoots his load across Neil’s face and the cum runs from his chin down his neck and chest. Sal doesn’t mind getting his own cum in his mouth and plants a long kiss with plenty of tongue on Neil’s lips. YUMMY!

Sal fucks Neil then gives a facial cumshot

Tattooed amateurs Owen and Kade suck and fuck

Kade has wanted to have sex with his friend Owen for a while. Finally one night while studying for university finals Kade comes clean and tells his tattooed friend that he wants to Owen to fuck him. Owen is always happy to help a friend and Kade is very cute so… The guys start making out as they undress each other. Both guys have a smooth thin body with ink but Owen definitely has a lot more tattoos than Kade. Kade can’t wait to get at Owen’s cock and goes down to start sucking. After some nice close ups of Owen’s cock moving in and out of Kade’s mouth the guys get into a 69 position with Owen on top. The saliva running down Kade’s cock and balls is making his asshole good and wet. Owen starts to finger his friend’s smooth shaved hole which sends Kade over the top. He asks Owen to fuck his hole now. Owen adds a bit of lube to Kade’s butt and slides his hard cock in. The stimulation is awesome from Owen’s dick and sends Kade into an orgasm that coincides rhythmically with Owen’s deep thrusts. With Kade’s hairless belly covered with his own cum, Owen moves up to spray his face. Kade opens wide to catch his friends jizz in his mouth but Owen is a sprayer. He sends cum flying, some in Kade’s mouth and the rest across his face and onto the brown bedsheets.

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Gay twink 3 way end with cumbath

Aidan Chase and Preston Andrews are staying over Dayn Murphy’s place to keep him company but are getting bored. Preston produces an empty bottle and suggests a game. Spin the bottle of course. As the game progresses, kissing turns to jacking their hard dicks, leads to some intense cock sucking. One dick leads to two being sucked at the same time in a daisy chain style. All three of these skinny twinks have nice cocks; especially Aidan and Preston. Interestingly, it is Preston and Aidan that get their cocks sucked and fill the sex holes of Dayn. Aidan gets to Dayn’s head to stuff his mouth with dick while Preston puts on a condom and slides his thick cock up Dayn’s ass. A few times Preston is fucking him so hard that Dayn can’t keep Aidan’s scrumptious cock in his mouth. All good things must cum too an end and in this case it’s after about 18 minutes. Preston pulls out to cum as Aidan sprays Dayn’s face and open mouth with his jizz. Preston and Dayn add their own cum to the front of Dayn’s smooth body. The white cum on his smooth pale body and colorful tattoos looks almost as good as the mess across his face.

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Tattooed jock gets sucked and rimed then shoots cum on face

After Kristopher’s introductory jack off video they knew that he had to come back for a scene with another guy. Teo happily volunteered to be the one to serve the newbie straight boy. Little did anyone know that Kristopher’s bi curious side was only an uncut cock away. As Teo goes to work on Kristopher’s dick, Kris notices that Teo isn’t circumcised. Kristopher starts to play with Teo’s uncut meat while getting blown and slowly moves his head closer and closer to Teo’s hardening cock. It isn’t long before the guys are on their side 69ing and then Kristopher rolling on top of Teo. Even with Kris on top and after minutes of sucking, he still seems infatuated with Teo’s dick. Teo is supposed to be servicing Kris and gets back to it rimming the straight jocks amazing ass. You can’t possibly look at Kristopher on all fours and not confirm that his butt is nearly perfect. Lucky Teo gets his face right up and into Kris’ ass. He rims and fingers Kris’ hole and Kris seems to love every second of it. Even the fingering. As Kristopher gets close his cock moves back into Teo’s mouth. Teo is on his back and Kris is face fucking him when he busts his nut into Teo’s mouth and across his cheek. Within seconds, Teo is shooting his own load across his slightly hairy chest. While Kris is more the type of guy I usually go for, Teo looks pretty damn good with his face, chest, and stomach splattered with cum.

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Gay sex 4 way - xxx

Total top Haigan is the only southern stud that doesn’t get his ass filled at the Southern Strokes Texas party turned orgy. Sal, Rex, Ricky, and Haigan all did videos during the Texas tour and were invited to a party for their last night in town. As you can expect when four great looking guys get together and start downing a few beers; the conversation turns to sex. The guys all say what a good time they had filming their jerk offs and duo scenes with each other. Rex instigated the action that got Sal to strip down to a jock strap. He lays down on a bench and in no time he and Ricky are 69ing while Haigan and Rex are doing their own thing right next to them. The air was hot and the bugs get louder as the sex gets heavier and all four start to sweat as they swap positions with each other so that everyone (except Haigan) gets their ass fucked and all of them (including Haigan) gets their cock sucked. At one point, all the guys are fucking in a train with Haigan bringing up the rear, pounding his 9 inch cock deep into Rex’s tight jock ass. As everyone gets close Sal positions himself as the designated cum dumpster. Big dicked Haigan shoots his load first, right onto Sal’s face and into his mouth. Sal licks up and eats as much of Haigan’s cum that his tongue can reach. Rex and Ricky are next, spraying thier jizz across Sal’s face and smooth chest. For all 9 of the videos Sal has been in, I’ve never seen him look so good as he does at the end of this video, covered with three mens cum.

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Kevin Warhol is a unique model for Bel Ami. He isn’t the typical ripped gym bodied stud like most and he has a number of tattoos. He is complete Bel Ami material in other ways though. He is way cute, well hung, and uncut.

In this latest scene Kevin Warhol hooks up with hung jock Gaelan Binoche for some hot dick sucking and hardcore ass pounding. The men start fully dressed and kiss each other a bit. Gaelan gives Kevin some real pleasure nuzzles on his neck and moving his mouth down Gaelan’s smooth torso to his partially erect uncircumcised dick. The guys take turns sucking each other until Kevin is in a doggie position with Gaelan behind and mounting his tight ass. Galean pounds Kevin from different positions but my favorite view is when Kevin looks over his shoulder to gaze at the man behind fucking his ass. The look on Kevin’s face is like a child eyeballing his favorite ice cream cone. The next best part comes (or should say cums ) as Galean shoots his jizz across the cute boys face.

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The video of Sean and Tommy Ray is one of the members highest rated videos at Boy Gusher. I watched the video today and can tell why the members like it so much. The video features 23 year old gay guy Sean and straight guy Tommy Ray. Sean is excited and ready to jerk off this sexy straight boy. After some introductory chat, the guys strip down to their underwear.

Both guys are wearing white briefs. Tommy looks great with his dark tanned skin and various tattoos against the white. Sean wastes no time reaching over and grabbing Tommy’s cock through his shorts. It isn’t long before Tommy is hard and Sean takes his hard cock out and starts to suck it. Sean has a lot of fun working over Tommy’s rock hard cock too. He moves his mouth up and down the long shaft to deep throat every inch down to his ball sack, licks the head with his tongue, and uses his hand and mouth together to cover every hard inch with warm wet friction. After about 6 minutes of intense oral action Tommy moans and grunts out “I’m going to cum” just before he shoots a nice load of cum onto Sean’s shoulder. Sean moves his face in to catch the rest of Tommy’s load in his mouth and down the side of his face.

Tommy changes positions with Sean and moves down to help his gay friend get off. Tommy lowers Sean’s underwear and starts rubbing his cock. Sean has dark bushy pubes and a nice cock. Tommy doesn’t seem into the dick sucking much but gives it a try for a minute or two. Sean’s dick gets harder with the straight boys mouth around it and he begins to moan with pleasure. Tommy isn’t ready to take a cumshot in the mouth just yet and continues to jerk Sean’s dick with his hand until Sean shoots a stream of cum from his hard cock. I wish I had straight friends like Tommy.

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Southern Strokes provides videos of gay and straight amateur southern boys in jerk off videos and hardcore sex scenes. The site has started something new called BTS or behind the scenes. They show us the video that would have ended up on the cutting room floor if they used film but were simply deleted in this case. This week the BTS set features Jayden and Ashton. In this raw video footage we get a chance to see the guys talk and play and fluff each other between scenes. If you have ever wondered what a porn shoot is really like and what the guys do when not on camera this will give you a little idea. The camera stays focused on the guys so we aren’t bothered with the lighting and camera aspects like some other sites do. This simply gives us a look at the personal side of the models. My favorite part is the expression on Ashton’s face and his reaction as Jayden shoots his load across his cute, boyish face. You can see the cut footage as well as the behind the scenes special at Southern Strokes – Amateur Southern Men.

Naked Southern Men Stroking and Cumming

Jeremy Bilding’s latest adventure at Cock Sure Men starts with Luke Marcum tickle torturing him. Jeremy squirms around the bed and nearly hyperventilates. When Luke can’t get to Jeremy’s feet, he touches Jeremy anywhere else to the same effect. Tickling quickly turns to tasting as Luke licks and swallows Jeremy’s cock all the way down to his balls. Luke makes an attempt to rim Jeremy’s ass, but that throws Jeremy into another tickle-fit. Jeremy can’t take it any longer, and Luke’s hole is getting hungry so Jeremy puts on a condom and starts to pound his ass. Luke calls out “fuck me harder” and Jeremy conforms, thrusting away with reckless abandon. Jeremy sends Luke into orgasm, splattering Jeremy’s abs and chest. Jeremy¬† jumps on top of Luke, squirting his juicy cum load onto Luke’s face and chest.

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Jack visits Raf in his dorm room and fills both his holes with his hard dick at Dirty Boy Video. Jack gets right to business when he shows up to visit Raf. He says to Raf that he needs to get off and starts taking off Raf’s clothes. Raf’s uncut cock is already semi hard as Jack pulls off his jeans and with no underwear to get in the way. Jack strips off his own clothes and fills Raf’s mouth with his dick while Raf hangs his head off the bed to allow jack’s cock to slide right down his throat. Raf loves Jack’s dick and sucks it for a long time in different positions allowing the camera to get in good and close so we can watch every inch of Jack’s hard dick pass through Raf’s hairy lips. As Raf is on his hands and knees sucking Jack, Jack prepares Raf’s hairy ass hole with his spit covered fingers for what is to come. Jack puts Raf on his back, rolls a condom over his cock, and slides it right up Raf’s hot wet ass. Raf stays hard and jerks his big curved uncut dick as Jack slams his hole. Raf shoots his cum across his belly as Jack fucks him then moves his still hungry mouth back to Jack’s cock to finish him off. Jack shoots his load all over Raf’s face and chest. Covered in jizz, both guys head into the shower to clean each other up for round two.

Amateur Men Getting Down & Dirty