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Big dicked Aussie jock gets off with a fleshjack

Lincoln Ashby is a 24 year old Aussie boy with an exhibitionist side to him. He has been in touch with Ben from Bentley Race for a while and finally made the trip to film a jack off scene for our enjoyment. Lincoln starts by kicking a ball around on the roof and flashes us a glimpse of his furry stomach and soft uncut dick before going inside for some serious dick play. His cock is already hard and sticking out the top of his white jock as he takes off his shorts and soccer kit. He leaves his socks on throughout theĀ  scene which is going to make a lot of you fetish boys happy. The big dick and uncut lovers have plenty to see to as Lincoln is well endowed with a nice fat uncut piece of meat. This amateur is very comfortable in front of the camera and goes to town fucking the hell out of the FleshJack sex toy. Ben says that Lincoln has already agreed to come back for more scenes so there will plenty more of him to see. Soon hopefully!

Lincoln Ashby’s FleshJack jerk off


smooth jock jacks off in boxing ring

Joey Soto is the latest amateur man to jack off for us at Next Door Male and damn does he put on an exceptional show. Joey starts by showing us how he pumps up. He works out and spends some time on the heavy bag to work up a sweat then strips down to a jock strap to show off his hard work. His mostly hairless body looks amazing with a light glare of sweat and well defined upper body including some very nice looking abdominals. He turns to show off his butt while wearing the jock then lowers it to start rubbing his dick to full erection. Joey doesn’t do a simpleĀ  jack off video though. No, he has brought along some sex toys in his bag today and intends to get the most out of them. Joey slides a row of anal beads in first then pulls out a Fleshjack jack off toy to finish things off with. You can see from the look on his face how much he loves the Fleshjack and the stream of cum proves how much his dick liked it too.

Joey Soto’s free video preview


Fleshjack - what is on your cock

twinks play with a fleshjack, suck cock, and fuck

A few years ago two very cute Mormon guys stopped by my house while I was mowing the lawn. They looked very nice in their white shirts and were sweating a lot (as was I in the near 100 degree weather) so I asked them inside where the AC was running. They politely declined but did ask if they could fill their water bottles from my garden hose. Of course I said yes and we chatted a bit about their “mission” before I got back to work and they went to the house next door. For years I’ve thought about those two guys and how friendly, polite, and cute they were. Another missed opportunity. Next Door Twink this week added an update that reminded me of that hot summer day except the two guys that stop by come in this time and what happens next is the stuff I’ve dreamed of every time I see the boyz in the white shirts.

Jay Dubbs is relaxing at home when Noah Brooks and Landon Terry stop by to discuss the importance of Jesus in their life. Once look at Jay with his face piercings and long hair suggest to the two clean cut and straight laced boyz that Jay needs this. Jay listens to their pitch up to the point where they tell him how much faith has brought them joy. Jay tells them he has something that has brought him lots of joy and breaks out his FleshJack masturbation toy. At first the guys aren’t sure but when Jay takes out his dick to show them how it is used their curiosity gets the better of them. The jack off sleeve is passed between all three of them to get their cocks rock hard and primed. Jay bends over to start sucking Noah’s cock while Landon is stroking away. And so it begins… Noah loves the blowjob provided by Jay so much that he opens wide for Landon to insert his dick too. As you can see in the picture above, the dick sucking turns into a hardcore gay fuckfest with Jay getting screwed first followed by Noah. All three of these twinks are cute to be sure but damn does Jay have an absolutely amazing ass that looks even better with Noah’s big dick in it.

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masked muscle man is masturbated by guy with a FleshJack

William is one of the regulars who appear with a mask at Maskurbate and today Pascal is giving him the extra special treatment. Pascal starts with a long massage that starts with William fully dressed and ends with William naked and fully hard. William looks awesome leaning back in the folding chair with his uncut cock standing at full attention and pointing towards his masked face. Pascal slowly takes the full length of dick in his mouth for a expert sucking then pulls a FleshJack out to give William the ultimate sensation. Don’t get me wrong, getting blown is good but there is something about all those ridges and bumps inside a FleshJack that no mouth can come close to. Pascal starts then turns the toy over to William for some self pleasure.

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Alexx Snow plays with his favorite gay sex toys

As if Alexx Snow ever has trouble finding a hot young man to have sex with him… today he is the home alone horny twink next door. That is okay though as Alex has a drawer full of gay sex toys that are fun alone as they are with a friend. Alex sifts through the toys, identifying a few that really catch his attention then strips naked and starts stroking his thick twink cock. Alexx is so cute with his dark red hair and smooth upper body. His belly has some hair and his legs and ass are covered with a nice coat of hair. We get plenty of close up views of that sweet hairy boy hole too as he first inserts a skinny gray dildo to warm up then slides in a long string of black anal beads. You can almost watch his thick veiny cock get harder as the dildo and beads go in and out of his horny ass. With his dick rock hard and ready, Alexx takes out the ultimate jack off toy, an original FleshJack masterbator. He pumps the flashlight-like tool up and down his dick with a big smile on his face then turns the toy to the bed where he fucks it. Feet, ass, cock, and balls; Alex looks awesome with his back to us sliding his cock into the FleshJack. He finishes his excellent sexual adventure jerking a load across his sweaty body. Alex puts on one of the best solo scenes I have seen in a while. Next time he needs to get off I’m sure there are plenty of guys that will be willing to lend an open mouth. I know that I would.

Alexx Snow gets off at Next Door Twink