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dark muscle guy rubs feet and has gay sex with blond jock

Last week the owners of Cocksure Men announced that they were bringing bareback back in response to members overwhelming requests. To celebrate the event a scene; Ali, a tanned and ripped jock fucked the hell out of Jake Andrews bareback and shot cum across Jake’s stretched hole.

This week the treats for members with specific “tastes” continues in a scene with Cocksure exclusive Brady Jensen and Aaron Rivers called “Foot of the Bed”. The word foot being the word of the day. The men are both wearing only a pair of shorts and laying beside each other rubbing their feet together as the scene starts. The guys suck each others dick for a while and get completely naked. Even as Aaron sucks Brady’s cock we get a view of Brady’s feet. As usually happens, the cock sucking turns to fucking fast with Aaron taking the role of aggressive top. Aaron applies a handful of lube to his rock hard dick and slides it all the way up Brady’s ass. Aaron fucks Brady in a few different positions and the feet theme continues with the camera man giving frequent views of both men’s attractive feet. If you aren’t into foot porn don’t worry, the sex is hot and there is plenty other to watch as these two muscular men get each other off. Aaron pulls out in time to spay his cum first then gets behind Brady who jerks his load onto the bedsheets.

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smooth jock jacks off in boxing ring

Joey Soto is the latest amateur man to jack off for us at Next Door Male and damn does he put on an exceptional show. Joey starts by showing us how he pumps up. He works out and spends some time on the heavy bag to work up a sweat then strips down to a jock strap to show off his hard work. His mostly hairless body looks amazing with a light glare of sweat and well defined upper body including some very nice looking abdominals. He turns to show off his butt while wearing the jock then lowers it to start rubbing his dick to full erection. Joey doesn’t do a simpleĀ  jack off video though. No, he has brought along some sex toys in his bag today and intends to get the most out of them. Joey slides a row of anal beads in first then pulls out a Fleshjack jack off toy to finish things off with. You can see from the look on his face how much he loves the Fleshjack and the stream of cum proves how much his dick liked it too.

Joey Soto’s free video preview


Fleshjack - what is on your cock

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Ripped power bottom, Ashton Rush is showing his affinity and skill for big cocks again in his latest scene at College Dudes with big dicked Scott Isaac. The guys can’t wait to get started and rip each others shirts off while kissing on the bed. Ashton rubs Scott’s smooth muscular chest as he moves his hands down to undo his belt and take off Scott’s pants. Scott is already semi hard and panting as Ashton goes down and starts sucking him. Ashton takes the full length of Scott’s 8.5 inch dick down his throat and licks his balls as Scott leans back on the bed. Scott goes down to suck Ashton’s hard cock next and has little trouble taking the small guys 6 inch dick all the way in. Personally, I like little guys like Ashton who is only 5’9″ tall and weighs 140 pounds. It makes it easy to move them exactly where you want them. Add to his cuteness and size the fact that he is ripped and DAMN Ashton is HOT! Scott takes advantage of his small size too after sucking him a bit and positions him into a number of interesting positions for an acrobatic fuckfest. Ashton is no stranger to being fucked; he has bottomed for at least four men before but Scott is the biggest to date. His ass is equally skilled at taking in every hard inch as his mouth was and the look on his face is sheer pleasure and fun as Scott pounds him hard from behind.

Scott Isaac fucks Ashton Rush with 8 inch cock


muscle daddy Harley Everett has gay sex with tattooed jock Leo Helios

In May we were treated to the arrival of hot tattooed jock Leo Helios and muscle hunk Harley Everett who each jerked off for our enjoyment. Now we get to see both these hot uncut men together and like the old Reese’s commercial says it’s “two great taste that taste great together”. We don’t really get to taste them (although I would lick my tongue across either of them) but we do get to watch them suck each others dick before the fucking begins. Leo goes down on Harley first to get him good and hard then Harley sucks Leo’s dick as he stands on the bench. You can easily see how big Harley is as Leo stands on the bench and Harley sucks him. Harley is 6’4″ (190 cm) and Leo is a petite 5’7″ (167 cm) tall. The guys move to a semi 69 with Leo continuing to slurp on Harley’s big meat and Harley licks Leo’s ass. We are given a nice close up view of his sweet saliva covered hole before Harley puts a condom on and begins to slide his 8 inch cock up Leo’s tight butt. Leo loves the big dick up his ass and gets even harder himself the more Harley fucks him. And fuck him Harley does too! The guys screw in at least three positions ending with Leo on his back and legs up in a face to face position. Leo spurts his load across his ripped abs then grabs Harley’s cock to milk his jizz and adds to the mix. The end result is a shower of cum that lands over Leo’s shoulder and leaves a trail across his tattooed chest and stomach. Awesome!

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Chaos Men is a gay porn site featuring amateur men from Texas and some pro-am models that fly in to do special appearances. The site updates 3 times a week with solo models, straight guys being serviced, and bareback scenes. Bryan Ockert has an eye for the men from big dicked twinks to ripped gym bunny jocks and even some hairy chested men in the mix. This week we were treated to two scenes with hairy chested guys and an “Edge” feature with Logan Sparks that will leave many wet and jealous.

Darius Jacks His Uncut Cock

hairy chested amateur jacks his uncut cock

Darius started the week off with his jack off video. This first timer is a natural in front of the camera. Darius has short dark hair and a well groomed beard but that doesn’t make him look any older than the 20 that he is. His boyish face and friendly smile give him a young and approachable look. Darius tells us that he loves to show off and is comfortable being naked in front of people. A true exhibitionist! When he strips down to his boxers we get to see his tanned and hairy body. He isn’t ripped or jock-like but obviously in good shape. He takes his uncut dick out and starts stroking it until it is fully hard. His dick has a slight curve that would be perfect to slide down some lucky guy’s throat in a 69 position but that will have to wait. For now, Darius is only jacking off. He pulls his underwear off and does some poses to display his hairy ass, feet, and hard cock then lays back on the bed to stroke out his load. Darius doesn’t cum a lot but it does squirt pretty good sending a few drops up his chest and looks great against his dark skin and hair.

Logan Sparks Gets Serviced

blindfolded jock gets a gay blowjob

Logan Sparks did a solo scene at Chaos Men last week and looked awesome! Logan is a real gym jock with smooth body, ripped abs, and a nice big dick. Logan was a real turn on and was asked if he would be willing to do some man on man sex in the future. Logan said no gay sex but he may be up for getting a blowjob or jerked off by a dude. Bryan probably only had to make one call before he found someone willing to blow Logan. Hell, I would have done it in a heartbeat. This time Logan is sitting in a chair, blindfolded, and listening to something with headphones. He knows that it is a guy touching and blowing him but his cock gets hard almost instantly and stays that way… even after he cums.

Dwight Fucks Jamison Bareback

smooth jock fucks hairy guy bareback

Dwight is ready to fuck from start to finish in this scene with hairy chest Jamison. This is only Jamison’s second anal scene. His first was with Micah, who has a big dick and caused so much pain that he couldn’t stay hard let alone cum. Dwight has an average sized cock and goes a little easier on poor Jamison’s ass making for a good scene that ends with both guys shooting their load. Dwight is still uncomfortable with the whole gay sex thing and wont suck or bottom but doesn’t mind fucking a guy if it feels good so…

Jamison starts the action going down on Dwight and sucking him to hardness factor 10. You can see Dwight’s cock literally throb it is so hard and ready for action. Jamison controls the speed of entry by sitting on Dwight’s dick. He lowers himself very slow and winces a little as the Dwight’s raw cock head passes through the straight man’s anal sphincter. Once Jamison is adjusted and more comfortable with the feeling, Dwight takes control flipping Jamison onto his hands and knees to fuck him doggy style for a while. When Dwight has had enough from behind Jamison turns onto his back for a face to face fucking and (IMO) a better view of both guys bodies and Jamison’s face and chest. Jamison stays hard this time around and jerks his load onto his hairy belly shortly after Dwight unloads across his balls and ass.

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College Dudes updates every Monday with a jack off video off and every Thursday with a duo or group sex scene. Last week we were treated to members favorite Jerry Ford training a new bottom boy Glenn Phillips yesterday a new guy Sebastian Bevins debuts with his first online jack off.

Jerry Ford Fucks Glenn Phillips

Jerry Ford and Glenn Phillips suck and fuck - gay sex

Jerry Ford is a long time member’s favorite at College Dudes with over 12 scenes online. People can’t get enough of this ripped jock and his 8 inch uncut cock. Glenn Phillips was an instant hit with members when he did his first jack off video in early May and has been back twice for sex scenes, the first time as a top with Devin Adams and now as a bottom with Jerry. Glenn starts the action getting on his knees in front of Jerry to suck him to full erection. The dark haired Glenn looks great with Jerry’s reddish colored pubes against his scruffy face. Jerry is ready for something more and pushes Glenn onto a sofa where he proceeds to suck his dick and rim his ass. After the rimming cpomes the fucking and there is plenty of fucking too! Jerry does Glenn doggy style, Glenn rides Jerry’s cock, and finally Glenn ends up on his back with legs in the air as Jerry pounds his ass. After watching Glenn as a top and a bottom; he’s a better bottom and I’d love to see more big dicked guys fuck him.

Sebastian Bevins Jacks Off

naked college guy jerking off

Sebastian Bevins makes an impressive splash in his debut video that went live this week at College Dudes. Sebastian says that he wants to try sex in public sometime but is terrified of being caught. Getting naked and jacking off on the internet may be the first step towards a more public appearance in the future. Sebastian has an average body without much hair (except his legs and ass crack) but does have a very cute face and a thick 8 inch dick. My personal preference always goes to the cute guys and with his dark brown hair and blue eyes, Sebastian definitely fits the bill. Sebastian strips down to his boxers at first to display his body then lowers the underwear to show off his nice round ass. Still standing, he starts stroking his dick until fully hard then sits on the chair to jerk out his creamy load.

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tanned college guy jacks his shaved cock

Bull is the latest straight guy to strip naked and get off for us at the Straight Fraternity. Nikko has been trying to get Bull for about 3 months before he finally said yes. The wait was worth it! Bull is a friendly guy that is kind of shy during the interview but lightens up when they start asking him questions about his sex life. Bull says he first learned to jack off when he was about 12 and has been doing it a lot since. He dreams of sex in public places so doing a naked jack off video that will be posted on the web is a good start. Bull strips down to his underwear and starts rubbing his dick until it is hard then pulls them off to show us a hairless cock that matches the rest of his smooth hard body. For a straight guy, Bull doesn’t mind showing off every inch of his body including his sweet ass and you feet lovers are going to flip over all the camera angles shot from the end of the bed with close up of his feet and hard cock. Bull is quiet as he jacks but gets vocal when he cums shouting “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” as he sprays cum onto his tanned belly.

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Blake Powell has gay sex with Gabriel Cross

Blake Powell moves fast as he works his way through the hot willing men at Randy Blue. It was just a few weeks ago that Blake was showing off his ripped jock body while stroking his cock in his debut video. A week later he was having sex in the locker room with Roman Todd. Today he conquers the amazing ass of Gabriel Cross.

The guys are already rubing each other dick through their jeans during the interview and both are getting hornier by the second. They flip a coin to see who is going to top and Blake wins although I don’t think it would have mattered much as Gabriel loves to get fucked and Blake is an awesome top. Blake gets naked first and Gabriel sucks Blake to full erection and rubs his hands across his ripped abs and chest while deep throating his hard cock. Blake goes down on Gabriel next but doesn’t suck him for long because he wants what he wants and today that is Gabriel’s awesome butt. Blake moves back and forth from Gabriels cock to his ass with his tongue. With the entire area from Gabriel’s balls to his tight hole covered in saliva , he is ready to be fucked. Blake bends Gabriel over the arm of the couch and slides his hard dick up Gabriel’s wet hole. Gabriel loves the cock and Blake loves giving it to him. The fucking gets pretty active at times with Gabriel yelling “fuck me harder” as Blake pounds the little guys behind.

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masked muscle man is masturbated by guy with a FleshJack

William is one of the regulars who appear with a mask at Maskurbate and today Pascal is giving him the extra special treatment. Pascal starts with a long massage that starts with William fully dressed and ends with William naked and fully hard. William looks awesome leaning back in the folding chair with his uncut cock standing at full attention and pointing towards his masked face. Pascal slowly takes the full length of dick in his mouth for a expert sucking then pulls a FleshJack out to give William the ultimate sensation. Don’t get me wrong, getting blown is good but there is something about all those ridges and bumps inside a FleshJack that no mouth can come close to. Pascal starts then turns the toy over to William for some self pleasure.

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Mario Tupin

Mario Tupin has a gym built body from working as a personal trainer. Originally from Russia, Mario calls England home now but does have an active lifestyle that includes cage fighting. Mario strips down to a pair of pink and teal briefs to show off his ripped body then gets naked to stroke his cock for us.

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