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Two exciting things are going on now at Active Duty. This week’s video update, a scene from the upcoming release “Frontline 3” featuring Kale, Cory, and Diego in a very hot three way and secondly, the pre-summer membership special.

Kale, Diego, and Cory have gay 3 way

three hunky military men have a gay three way

Kale is already a rising star among Active Duty members having done two sex scenes with Dustin and Vance. This scene with Diego and Cory is going to help him and will be sure to get some engines revving. The three men start on the bed together watching some straight porn. Kale is excited about today because it is is first all guy three way and he has no idea what is going to happen. He keeps looking at Diego and Cory as they all jerk off together. Diego is the ripped dude on the left in the uppermost picture sporting the most ink and Cory is on the right. Diego catches Kale looking and senses his reluctance to get things started so he reaches out to start stroking Kale. Once Diego starts things Kale goes into sex mode and reaches over to grab hold of Cory’s dick. The action gets more intense as the three guys take turns sucking each other for a while. When Kale’s ass is covered with spit from a rimming the fucking isn’t too far behind and that is when thing kick into overdrive. All three guys get a chance to be top and all three bottom in this non stop sex fest that ends with one of the three getting a face full of cum.

Membership Special

Active Duty recently announced a limited time membership offer that features prices that are too good to pass up. The special includes a 2 day trial membership for only $2.95. Frankly, the tour at Active Duty doesn’t give a good idea of all the great content inside and many don’t want to shell out the usual $24 to see. This offer will let surfers go in an look around with little to lose. If you like the site and stay, membership renews monthly at only $19.95 and will give full access to streaming videos archives and weekly warchest updates. That is $5 less than the normal monthly membership cost. The offer gets better if new members sign up for the 180 day (6 months) deal for $89.95 to save $30 and get a DVD of “Summer Recruits” included as long as supplies last.

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Amos the ripped & tattooed marine jerks off

Sean Cody features amateur men but they definitely are not average looking guy next door types. Straight US Marine Amos is an excellent example. He has kept up with an extensive workout routine since finishing boot camp and all that PT and recreational sports play really shows. From his neck with bulging trapezius all the way down to his calves, when he makes any move some well defined muscle of his body is flexing. A guy like him has every right to be cocky but that isn’t Amos. He has a friendly voice, warm smile, and open minded attitude that is just as easy to identify during his interview as the growing bulge in his shorts. Lucky for us, the shorts don’t stay on long and we get a look at his equally impressive cock. It isn’t huge but proportionate to his body with the head resting just below his navel as it stands erect.

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Joel, Justin, and Dakota have a gay 3 way sucking dick and fucking

Two newbies hook up with Joel for a 3 way suck & fuck fest in this scene from Firewatch 2” at Active Duty. For Dakota and Justin things have moved very quickly at Active Duty. Usually the new guys do a solo jerk off scene (which both have done) then move into a duo with some dick sucking and mutual masturbation. This time the new guys jump right in to a hardcore gay 3 way. Dakota is the first to start taking off his clothes and Justin and Joel quickly follow. The guys start rubbing their cocks and Joel is instantly hard. Dakota sees the hard meat and gets right to sucking Joel’s rock hard cock. It’s worth mentioning that Joel is not only the one who gets hard first but also stays hard the entire scene. Not once does this horny guys cock go soft. Dakota, Joel, and Just all take turns sucking each others hard dick until the fucking starts. Joel fucks the hell out of Dakota and Justin. Neither have been fucked by a guy before so Joel goes easy on them at first. I love watching Dakota sucking on Justin’s dick as Joel plows him from behind. As usually happens in a Dink Flamingo video, there are plenty of close ups and different camera angles to give us the best view of all the action. The part where Joel long strokes Justin’s muscular ass is awesome! We get a close up view of every inch of cock going in and out of that sweet butt. For a bunch of new guys and 2 first timers the action stays intense right up till the end when all three dump their cum onto Dustin’s smooth ripped body. The entire video “Firewatch 2” is streaming in the members area of Active Duty.

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Blond haired military muscle man Martin Surovik takes new recruit Lukas Pivonka into the woods for a bareback release in this scene from “Military Manholes”. Martin is a giant compared to Lukas. The comrades take a trek into the woods for a private moment. Martin undresses Lukas who has a thin smooth body. Lukas gets in front of his superior and takes his uncut cock in his mouth and starts sucking. The muscled stud takes the military twink and rims his hairy ass in preparation for what is coming. Lukas has a smooth body but very hairy legs and ass. Martin slides his raw uncut cock into Lukas’ hairy hole and Lukas moans in pleasure as he strokes his own meat. Martin continues to pound the recruits ass on his side, on his back, and a few other positions until both men shoot their creamy loads of cum. From muscle men to twinks and military men to outdoor sex; this scene has plenty to keep most porn surfers happy and clenching their own hard cocks.

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Ashton is a 20 year old US Marine that does his first jack off video for SD Boy. He has the body you’d imagine from hours of PT every day and a few things you might not guess from a soldier in the corps; pierced nipples, a pierced dick , and a love for dick. Yes, a love for dick. Ashton has no problem getting undressed to show off his tight muscular body but has a little difficulty getting stiff . Lots of amateur guys doing their first porn video do so this isn’t unexpected . When Ashton extends his hand and grabs the camera man to see his dick his cock gets good and hard. He plays with the camera guy’s cock a bit then lets his load go sending a white stream of cum down his hand and into his dark trimmed pubes.

Black marine jerks his long pierced cock

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