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dark muscle guy rubs feet and has gay sex with blond jock

Last week the owners of Cocksure Men announced that they were bringing bareback back in response to members overwhelming requests. To celebrate the event a scene; Ali, a tanned and ripped jock fucked the hell out of Jake Andrews bareback and shot cum across Jake’s stretched hole.

This week the treats for members with specific “tastes” continues in a scene with Cocksure exclusive Brady Jensen and Aaron Rivers called “Foot of the Bed”. The word foot being the word of the day. The men are both wearing only a pair of shorts and laying beside each other rubbing their feet together as the scene starts. The guys suck each others dick for a while and get completely naked. Even as Aaron sucks Brady’s cock we get a view of Brady’s feet. As usually happens, the cock sucking turns to fucking fast with Aaron taking the role of aggressive top. Aaron applies a handful of lube to his rock hard dick and slides it all the way up Brady’s ass. Aaron fucks Brady in a few different positions and the feet theme continues with the camera man giving frequent views of both men’s attractive feet. If you aren’t into foot porn don’t worry, the sex is hot and there is plenty other to watch as these two muscular men get each other off. Aaron pulls out in time to spay his cum first then gets behind Brady who jerks his load onto the bedsheets.

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One of my recent favorites (blond haired and blue eyed Jack) is back at Broke Straight Boys with his friend Mark for some man on man sex. Mark is soft spoken but confident as he explains step by step exactly what the two straight guys are going to do with each other. First, I’m going do suck his dick, then he’s going to fuck me on my side and end missionary style; Mark says looking straight into the camera. Mark thinks he’s a good bottom which isn’t something you’d ever expect to hear a straight boy say. He did okay a few weeks ago getting rimmed and fucked by Darren a few weeks ago so he should know.

Mark makes good on his plan and gets right to work sucking on Jack’s dick. Jack gets hard pretty quick even though Mark doesn’t look like he is very good at sucking cock. He barely takes any of the man meat in his mouth. I guess getting blowjob is like pizza, even when it’s bad, it’s still pizza and having even a inexperienced straight guy sucking your cock can’t be all bad. Mark doesn’t look like he is enthused at all when Jack grabs his head to push his dick in deep but it is fun to watch the inexperienced cock sucker try to stop the tears from coming to eyes and gagging. Lucky for everyone that Jack is only using the blowjob to get hard and wet. As soon as Jack is ready he lays Mark on his side to fuck him. Mark definitely is a better bottom than dick sucker. Mark winces a little as jack slides his condom covered cock up his ass but soon relaxes and goes along for the ride. Even though he doesn’t mind getting fucked on camera for cash, I doubt that Mark is gay or even bi watching him get fucked because his dick stays as soft as can be as he gets screwed by Jack. Mark doesn’t want to disappoint his viewers and lets Jack finish the scene with an amazing cumshot.

Mark opens wide for Jack's cumshot

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twink sucks hanging mans 10 inch cock and gets cum facial

My favorite big dicked twink, Steven Prior is the guest of honor this week at Boynapped. Steven is stripped naked and has his hands and feet tied together. Then they suspend him from a rope about 6 feel in the air between two concrete columns. The height is important because it is nearly perfect for resident twink Kenzie Madison to get below Steven and deliver a blowjob. Kenzie looks great with his ripped smooth body and Steven’s uncut 10 inch cock going in and out of his mouth. Even better yet is the end when Steven spurts his cum down Kenzie’s face and chest.

Steven gets off elevated at Boynapped

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Southern Strokes updates twice a week with new amateur southern boys like first timer Harper that jack off and some repeat models that agree to have gay sex on camera like straight boy Colt and his bi buddy Brandon.

Harper Jacks Off

red haired amateur Harper jacks off

Harper is a 24 year old first timer from Texas. His red hair and blue eyes with a smooth body and shaved pubes make him look younger. Harper is gay and loves to bottom but like most amateurs he must perform solo on camera first. He does a interview where he tells us a little about himself before stripping to a pair of blue underwear and starts playing with his soft dick. Harper wants to make a good impression when we get our first look at his cock so he stretches and rubs it beneath the underwear until it’s mostly hard then pulls out to show us. His pubes are shaved which is a shame on any redhead but it makes his average sized 6.5 inch dick look exceptionally nice. Harper gets into his jacking and rubs the area around his ass while stroking. You can tell when he’s getting close as his breathing turns to heavy panting and the area around his upper chest gets very red.

Colt Fucks Brandon Anderson

Brandon Anderson sucks Colt's dick before gay anal sex

Popular straight boy Colt is back and ready for action. Colt has only fucked one guy before and obviously liked it because he agrees to do it again; this time with small framed bi boy Brandon Anderson. Brandon is bisexual but doesn’t have much experience bottoming especially for someone with a dick like Colts. Colt has a thick 7.5 inch cock and like to play a little rough. Brandon looks good sucking on Colt’s tool then suffers a little when the fucking starts. Brandon pushes Colt back, grabs his ass tight, and bites the pillow as Colt initially slides his cock into Brandon’s tight ass. Once he loosens up Brandon does fine and looks great beneath Colt. He looks even better in the end with Colt’s cum sprayed across his smooth ass and back.

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Skye is a blond twink that shows the first timers a good time at Boys First Time. He mostly bottoms for the newbies and is awesome at sucking cock. His own cock is nice sized and has a barbel piercing just below the head that would feel great going into a willing bottom boy’s smooth butt. Skye has two recent scenes at Boys First Time:

Blu Fucks Skye

tattooed twink has gay sex with pierced blond boy

I do love the alternative twinks and first time amateurs they find for the scenes at Boys First Time. Here, Blu is the dark haired twink with lots of tattoos and a dick that wont quit. The guys start by sucking each other in the laundry room then go into the living room where Blu can put Skye into some interesting positions to fuck him from. Skye gets fucked good but Blu gets tired and just wants to get off. Blu lays back on the sofa and watches as Skye works his oral magic with his pierced mouth. The feeling is great as Blu nuts in Skye’s mouth and we get a close up view of the cum and saliva mix running down Blu’s shaft. If you like tattooed twinks you’re going to love these two.

Skye Seduces Luis

dark skinned twink fucks blond boy with his uncut dick

This time it is Sky that takes charge when a cute dark skinned twink stops by to deliver some mail. Skye answers the door wearing nothing except a pair of underwear that shows a outline of his semi hard cock. Skye invites Luis in to talk then moves in for the kill when he catches Luis looking at his bulging underwear. Skye goes down on Luis’ uncut cock to get him good and hard then sits on his dick to loosen his hole for a hardcore fuck sesion on the kitchen table. Luis long strokes Skye’s butt before shooting his load directly onto Skye’s ass. The view of Skye’s pierced dick along with both guys smooth ripped bodies as they fuck is awesome!

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Justin Harris has gay sex with Danny Carver

Hunky straight guy Danny Carver is relaxing in his room reading a book when his horny friend Just Harris comes in looking for sex. Danny doesn’t resist too much as Justin rubs Danny through the sheets then pulls them back to start licking Danny through his underwear. It isn’t long before Danny is hard and Justin has his hard uncut cock in his mouth. Justin pulls off Danny’s underwear for unobstructed access to his nice dick and gives his straight friend a good sucking before taking off his own clothes and mounting him. Justin slides up and down the hard sex pole of his straight buddy then gets on the bed for Danny to fuck him doggy style. Looking at Danny’s big smiling face, it doesn’t seem like he minded helping his horny friend get off or shooting his own load as well.

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tattooed brit fills his friends mouth and ass with 8 inch uncut cock

Jason O’Connor has developed a following at Hard Brit Lads and for good reason. Jason is a fine looking man with a lean smooth body and impressive 8 inch uncut cock that he is skilled with. Today he is hooking up with 19 year old Billy Roberts for an afternoon of cock sucking and hardcore fucking. You can see that Billy is impressed and Jason is excited before the young and hung chavs are naked. Billy plays with Jason’s hard cock that stretches across his pelvis and leaves a huge bulge in his loose white boxers. Billy pulls down Jason’s shorts to take all 8 inches down his throat. For a 19 year old, Billy is an amazing cock sucker and doesn’t gag or wince at all as the monster dick goes down. After suck a sucking it’s only fair for Jason to return the favor and goes down to suck on Billy’s nice 7 inch dick. From the sucking position Jason turns his tongue to Billy’s sweet butt hole and gives him a good rimming in preparation for a slamming fuck fest. Billy has been fucked 3 times already and never seems to let me down the way he enjoys a cock in his ass and the bigger the better. He’s such a sweet bottom boy. Jason fucks the horny lad in at least three positions that ends with Billy on his back stroking his cock as Jason fills him with cock. Both guys shoot their cum onto Billy’s stomach and pubes.

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Dark haired college jocks fucks thin blond dude

It’s no secrete that Rob Ryder is one of my favorite models at College Dudes. He continues to impress with his sexual excitement shown in this suck and fuck scene with Paulie Vauss. Rob and Paulie start making out and undressing each other then Rob gets to business sucking on Paulie’s hard cock. You can tell that Rob is into it because his own dick is hard as a rock as he deep throats Paulie. Paulie moves his hard dick from Rob’s mouth to his awesome ass. Rob Ryder has got to be one of the 10 best power bottoms. Rob takes Paulie’s cock doggy style, rides it, and gets slammed by Paulie in at least 3 different positions. Thank goodness for the expert photography at College Dudes; we don’t miss one bit and get to see both of these great looking guys from angles that show off every hard inch of cock and hard jock bodies as they fuck.

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Peters twins gay four way with Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec

The Peters twins met up with Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec at a previous shoot and wanted to get to know the guys better which as we know is code for fuck them. They finally get the chance and then some. Both guys visit the twins at the same time and it isn’t long before all four men are balls deep in sex. Fans of the twins already know that Milo and Elijah are no strangers to each others cock and ass and newcomers may be surprised at how close these brothers get with each other as the action heats up. All four guys suck each other big uncut cocks and make out with each other before the rimming acts a preview for who is going to get fucked first. Vadim and Florian are happy to fill the brother’s asses with their hard cockĀ  and we are treated to a position I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen before (and now want to try). The bothers 69 with each other as both get screwed from behind. That part alone is worth it! As with usual Bel Ami style, the cumshots are big and as you can see above, at least one of the twins loves the taste of cum.

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Lucas gets cum in his beard after rimming and blowing Tim

Even as a straight guy Tim admits that he loves to be rimmed. He’d rather it be from a girl but hey, a warm wet tongue is a warm wet tongue no matter who it is attached to. Today that tongue belongs to one of the newer cock suckers at NY Straight Men, Lucas. Lucas knows that Tim loves to have his straight boy ass licked and is more than happy to do it for him. Tim drops his pants for Lucas to get to work. Lucas starts by stroking Tims cock and playing with his balls then moves him to the sofa to start the rimming. Lucas spreads Tim’s cheeks wide to get his bearded face and long tongue in as far as possible. Both guys move to a coffee table where the ass licking and eating continues with Tim on top and underneath Lucas. Once Tim is satisfied that his hole has been serviced he pushes his hard cock into Lucas’ mouth. Tim face fucks Lucas and shoots his cum onto Lucas’ face and beard in a fitting finish to this scene at NY Straight Men.

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