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smooth jock jacks off in boxing ring

Joey Soto is the latest amateur man to jack off for us at Next Door Male and damn does he put on an exceptional show. Joey starts by showing us how he pumps up. He works out and spends some time on the heavy bag to work up a sweat then strips down to a jock strap to show off his hard work. His mostly hairless body looks amazing with a light glare of sweat and well defined upper body including some very nice looking abdominals. He turns to show off his butt while wearing the jock then lowers it to start rubbing his dick to full erection. Joey doesn’t do a simple¬† jack off video though. No, he has brought along some sex toys in his bag today and intends to get the most out of them. Joey slides a row of anal beads in first then pulls out a Fleshjack jack off toy to finish things off with. You can see from the look on his face how much he loves the Fleshjack and the stream of cum proves how much his dick liked it too.

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Joel Shaw strips naked

I was looking through the updates at English Lads for the past few month and was easily most impressed by this straight 19 year old, Joel Shaw. There are plenty of ripped jocks and amateur British men to look at but few were as cute and fun as Joel. The best part about Joel (in my opinion) is his fun personality. From the time he starts to the creamy finish of both his jack off scenes (1 video and 1 photo set) Joel looks like he is actually having fun. The big smile on his face and the way he moves so uninhibited while naked in front of the camera. He is such a show off! Another give away is his cock. Joel’s dick is already hard before he even gets his jeans off. Like most men his age, it doesn’t take much to arouse him. The sheer excitement of wanking his 7 inch uncut cock on camera is getting him rock hard and dripping wet. After showing off his thin lean body with barely any sign of chest hair, his skinny ass, and flexes his biceps a few times for show; he settles down to play with his foreskin a bit and rub one out. In the photo shoot his cumshot goes as far as his stomach. The video must have done the trick for Joel because in his follow up video the cum flies all the way up his chest and leaves a trail of cum back down to his still hard cock. All off this served with a smile!

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blond twink fucks his big dicked friend and cums on his face

Timo Garrett and Jesse Jordan get off to a hot start as they strip each other naked while making out in this scene online now at Boy Crush. Jesse wastes no time getting Timo’s hard twink cock into his mouth once their clothes are off. Jesse licks the head and shaft then takes the full length down his throat making Timo moan with pleasure. Timo has a little trick from bringing oral pleasure himself. He uses his tongue ring on the sensitive underside of Jesse’s fat uncut cock. You can see Jesse’s ass tighten as his dick moves in and out and Timo’s tongue stimulates his exposed cock head when his foreskin is back. From the position Jesse is in it is easy for him to turn and sit down on Timo’s dick. Jesse takes a ride for a bit to loosen up his hairless twink butt hole then Timo takes over. Timo fucks Jese doggy style first then puts him on his back for some face to face fucking. Timo’s cumshot sends jizz flying across Jesse’s face. Jesse doesn’t seem to mind judging by the smile on his face. In a tender ending to an intense sex session; Timo bends over to lick his own cum from Jesse’s cheek and lips.

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watch all 37 minutes at bait Buddies

Gabe Lawson knows exactly what is going on and is happy to help seduce the unsuspecting straight boy Jason St. James into having some full on gay sex in this scene at Bait Buddies. James has no trouble getting naked in front of the producer and his costar. He gets hard with the slightest of touching himself as well. The guys are having fun and getting along fine when the talk turns to some man on man sex (as always). Jason doesn’t mind getting blown by Gabe but is hesitant to put the blond guys cock into his mouth. Eventually he does and seems to do a good job sucking the big dick too. The guys stand up to move positions when Gabe slaps Jason on the ass and tells him to take a ride. Jason’s gone this far so why not. The look on his face is painful at first as he sits down on Gabe’s condom covered dick but he relaxes in no time and is riding the white pony like a pro. The best part about the riding part is seeing Jason’s hard cock bounce and slap against his smooth stomach as he slides up and down. Jason lays on the sofa for a full on fucking with Gabe. The action looks great as these two go at it full steam. Jason grabs his dick to stroke out his load that sprays all the way up his hairless chest as Gabe is still in him and Gabe follows shortly after adding his own spunk to the mix.

blond guy has gay sex with straight boy



A not too long time ago in a world of endless gay twink porn sites there was Spank This, 18 Boy, Hot Studs, Frat Boy, and Raw Lads. All were filmed by Helix Studios and featured twinks and college men to specific crowds with 18 Boy featuring the smoothest 18-21 year old twinks, Spank This has bare bottomed boys receiving a spanking until their cheeks are red, Hot Studs is all American bareback, Frat Boy has jock type men in solo and hardcore gay sex scenes, and Raw Lads with uncut European bareback boyz. Not too long ago Helix combined all five sites into one simply called Helix Studios. Members to any Helix site gets access to all five. With most sites updating weekly; member get 4 (or more) new twink sex or college jock videos a week.¬† Last week had 5 updates but I could only pick three so…

Brycen Cox is a Busy Boy

Brycen Cox jacks his 8 inch uncut cock - tattoos and pierced nipple

Brycen got naked on Tuesday and jerked a load of cum from his 8 inch uncut cock onto his smooth belly.

twink rides his friends 8 inch uncut cock

On Sunday at 18 Boy Brycen hooked up with Keine Sorgen for a game of truth or dare after school. The two horny 18 year olds are kissing and getting undressed in short order and before you can “chicken”, Keine is slurping down Brycen’s long uncut dick. The words deep throat must have special meaning for Keine as he swallows all 8 inches of Brycen’s cock with little effort. Brycen is totally horned up and ready for some cock of his own. He goes down on Keine and opens his pants to take a taste of his friend’s cock. The guys are kising and sucking each other off for a while when Keine’s ass is quivering in anticipation for Brycen’s meat injection. Keine rides Brycen and Brycen fucks Keine from a few positions until both boyz shoot their loads.

Jack Diamond Gets Fucked by Chris Riverz

twink takes pictures of friend sucking his dick at sleep over

The after school fun continues on Wednesday when Chris Riverz and Jack Diamond are sent to a room to have sex. The kicker is that photographic proof of cock and sex is required as part of the game. Neither boy has any trouble complying with the requirements. Before long, the guys are taking their boxers off and both guys cocks are already semi hard. Jack is instantly excited by the site of Chris’ dick and goes to work sucking. Chris takes some pictures of the act from a few angles then lays the camera down to finish things off by fucking Jack’s smooth ass. Jack loves the 7 inch dick up his ass and cums first, spilling his juices across his hairless stomach. Chris wants more proof of his deeds and lays his hard wet cock across Jack’s face for a photographic finale.

Other scenes added last week include long haired hunk Paul Pratt fucking Micah Andrews at Frat Boy and Adam Jacobs fucks Ace Lockheart bareback at Hot Studs.

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billy hicks jerks his big cock

Billy Hicks is an 18 year old Canadian that has been waiting to do his first porn video. The guys at You Love Jack were happy to bring him in to get naked and watch him get off from his sample pictures. What they didn’t know is that Billy had a trick up his sleeve, or in this case a huge cock in his pants. Billy is cute but isn’t all that as he gets started. There is a nice bulge that we get a close up view for in his underwear but again, it isn’t all that. Thing get better and way bigger when the young man starts stroking though. Billy is definitely a grower! His average sized shaved cock gets bigger and bigger until it is fully hard and standing at an impressive 10 inches in length. If you love skinny boyz with oversized cocks then you’re going to do flips over Billy Hicks. As if his big cock isn’t enough, when he takes his shirt off we see that his chest and stomach are as hair free as his boyish face. There is no fat or hair to obstruct the view of his 6 pack abs as he lays back on the futon to rub one out in his first porn video. With a face, body, and cock like his; I am fairly sure it won’t be long before we are seeing more of this hung stud at other Canadian porn sites.

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Damon Sparks poses naked and hard cock

Damon Sparks is the latest discovery to strip naked and do his first on camera jack off scene at Randy Blue. Damon has a full head of long dark hair that circles his boyishly cute face. He flexes his arm muscles for us with his shirt still on to fill the sleeve with his nice biceps then takes the shirt off to expose his smooth mucular. Damon says that he spends a lot of time at the gym and loves to work up a good sweat doing outside work. I bet this smooth skin looks great with a light coat of sweat in the morning sunlight. He takes down his pants and gets to work stroking his dick that gets hard fast. After some poses standing with his hard cock in hand he moves to the bed where he finishes jerking out his load. While going to town pumping his cock his other hand pays attention to his smooth butt, shaved balls, and nipples. Damon knows how to pleasure himself and looks amazing doing it. I hope that it isn’t long for Randy Blue to bring him back for a sweaty gay sex scene or something in the pool maybe.

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tattooed amateur guy jacks his 9 inch dick

This is Barry’s third jack off at Island Studs but members can’t get enough of him. This 19 year old college student loves to run and was even on the track team in high school. That is probably how he keeps suck a lean body. His chest and stomach are naturally hairless but when he drops his shorts we see that that isn’t the case down below. Barry like to keep it natural down there and claims that he has never shaved or even trimmed his pubes. Most guys trim or shave to make their dicks look bigger but Barry has no need for that silliness… his cock is 9 inches long. Barry is a shower so his cock looks just as big soft as it does when it gets hard. Barry gets more relaxed in front of the camera this time around and gives a few shots of his running boy butt and rubs himself like he does while jacking off at home. Finally, if you’re into big cummers, you are going to want to see this boy’s cum shot. You can’t see it in the picture above very well but the owner of Island Studs says that Barry’s cum squirts so forceful that it splats a good 7 feet from him.

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tanned college guy jacks his shaved cock

Bull is the latest straight guy to strip naked and get off for us at the Straight Fraternity. Nikko has been trying to get Bull for about 3 months before he finally said yes. The wait was worth it! Bull is a friendly guy that is kind of shy during the interview but lightens up when they start asking him questions about his sex life. Bull says he first learned to jack off when he was about 12 and has been doing it a lot since. He dreams of sex in public places so doing a naked jack off video that will be posted on the web is a good start. Bull strips down to his underwear and starts rubbing his dick until it is hard then pulls them off to show us a hairless cock that matches the rest of his smooth hard body. For a straight guy, Bull doesn’t mind showing off every inch of his body including his sweet ass and you feet lovers are going to flip over all the camera angles shot from the end of the bed with close up of his feet and hard cock. Bull is quiet as he jacks but gets vocal when he cums shouting “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” as he sprays cum onto his tanned belly.

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