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They never seem to have a shortage of big dicked men to get naked and hard for us at Hard Brit Lads. Ed P is an average looking straight guy with a deep sexy voice. He is wearing loose pair of shorts, white socks, and a jersey when he starts. As Ed does his interview he starts rubbing his dick through the shorts and becomes very clear that this man is BIG. Ed takes off his shirt so we can see his lean and hairy body. His chest and stomach are covered with a light coat of fur. After seeing so much chest hair, I was surprised that Ed trims his pubes. Not that he needs to in order to look bigger. Ed’s 9 inch uncut cock is already standing at full erection when he drops his shorts. Ed continues to stroke his thick cock as he shows off the rest of his hairy body including his furry butt then sits on the sofa to finish wanking off. The cum streams from Ed’s throbbing dick leaving a sticky puddle of white that looks great nestled in all that hair. Too bad they don’t film these guys in the shower. I bet Ed would be fun to watch lathering up. Maybe next time.


hairy chested British footballer strokes his big uncut dick


amateur Latino shows his amazing abs and naked ass as he jacks off

I love to watch the amateurs. The way that some squirm with nervousness riding an adrenalin high and other try to just have a good time and show off. Gaston looks more like the first although trying to be more of the later in his jack off scene this week at Miami Boyz. Gaston isn’t ugly by any sort but he definitely isn’t an airbrushed twink either (another reason to love amateurs). His face is just kind of average looking for a rough 19 year old straight skater boy. Gaston’s cock isn’t huge like you’d expect with his long body and Latino genes. It is average. What isn’t average about this guy is his awesome set of¬† 8 pack abs (yes eight, count em) and his incredible ass. Any perceived averageness about Gaston goes out the window when you see that washboard of a torso where the groups start at his nipples and go all the way down to the start of his pubis area. If your more an ass man Gaston has something for you to see. All that skating does a street boy’s ass nice. The picture of Gaston laying on the bed with his legs slightly spread was so inviting.

After Gaston is sure we are all drooling over his amazing body he settles down to jack off and cum for our enjoyment. The nervous straight guy has trouble getting hard at first. With a little help from some porn on his laptop he gets hard in no time. Gaston shows us his hard dick to prove that yes, he actually is excited about doing this then gets to stroking. Gaston obviously likes the video on his computer because he cums with little trouble. From the half smile on his face after cumming, it looks like Gaston is actually having fun. During his interview he admitted that he’s game to get a blowjob from a guy. Maybe we’ll be seeing more of this new hottie sometime in the future.

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Chris Porter standing naked and stroking his cock in the woods

I’ve always liked Chris Porter since the first time I seen him. I kind of have a thing for cute guys with tattoos. Chris was kind of a twink with ink at the time. And that time wasn’t too long ago either. Look at Chris now… He is all buffed up and looking all kinds of HOT! The photographers at Randy Blue always do a nice job and Chris’ scene was no different. Chris slowly strips out of his clothes in an outdoor setting then leans back to stroke his meat. Chis is butch with his scruffy face and hairy stomach yet kind of jock-like with his oiled skin and toned body. How ever you classify him, he’s got something to love for everyone.

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smooth jock jacks off in boxing ring

Joey Soto is the latest amateur man to jack off for us at Next Door Male and damn does he put on an exceptional show. Joey starts by showing us how he pumps up. He works out and spends some time on the heavy bag to work up a sweat then strips down to a jock strap to show off his hard work. His mostly hairless body looks amazing with a light glare of sweat and well defined upper body including some very nice looking abdominals. He turns to show off his butt while wearing the jock then lowers it to start rubbing his dick to full erection. Joey doesn’t do a simple¬† jack off video though. No, he has brought along some sex toys in his bag today and intends to get the most out of them. Joey slides a row of anal beads in first then pulls out a Fleshjack jack off toy to finish things off with. You can see from the look on his face how much he loves the Fleshjack and the stream of cum proves how much his dick liked it too.

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Fleshjack - what is on your cock

Joel Shaw strips naked

I was looking through the updates at English Lads for the past few month and was easily most impressed by this straight 19 year old, Joel Shaw. There are plenty of ripped jocks and amateur British men to look at but few were as cute and fun as Joel. The best part about Joel (in my opinion) is his fun personality. From the time he starts to the creamy finish of both his jack off scenes (1 video and 1 photo set) Joel looks like he is actually having fun. The big smile on his face and the way he moves so uninhibited while naked in front of the camera. He is such a show off! Another give away is his cock. Joel’s dick is already hard before he even gets his jeans off. Like most men his age, it doesn’t take much to arouse him. The sheer excitement of wanking his 7 inch uncut cock on camera is getting him rock hard and dripping wet. After showing off his thin lean body with barely any sign of chest hair, his skinny ass, and flexes his biceps a few times for show; he settles down to play with his foreskin a bit and rub one out. In the photo shoot his cumshot goes as far as his stomach. The video must have done the trick for Joel because in his follow up video the cum flies all the way up his chest and leaves a trail of cum back down to his still hard cock. All off this served with a smile!

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billy hicks jerks his big cock

Billy Hicks is an 18 year old Canadian that has been waiting to do his first porn video. The guys at You Love Jack were happy to bring him in to get naked and watch him get off from his sample pictures. What they didn’t know is that Billy had a trick up his sleeve, or in this case a huge cock in his pants. Billy is cute but isn’t all that as he gets started. There is a nice bulge that we get a close up view for in his underwear but again, it isn’t all that. Thing get better and way bigger when the young man starts stroking though. Billy is definitely a grower! His average sized shaved cock gets bigger and bigger until it is fully hard and standing at an impressive 10 inches in length. If you love skinny boyz with oversized cocks then you’re going to do flips over Billy Hicks. As if his big cock isn’t enough, when he takes his shirt off we see that his chest and stomach are as hair free as his boyish face. There is no fat or hair to obstruct the view of his 6 pack abs as he lays back on the futon to rub one out in his first porn video. With a face, body, and cock like his; I am fairly sure it won’t be long before we are seeing more of this hung stud at other Canadian porn sites.

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Damon Sparks poses naked and hard cock

Damon Sparks is the latest discovery to strip naked and do his first on camera jack off scene at Randy Blue. Damon has a full head of long dark hair that circles his boyishly cute face. He flexes his arm muscles for us with his shirt still on to fill the sleeve with his nice biceps then takes the shirt off to expose his smooth mucular. Damon says that he spends a lot of time at the gym and loves to work up a good sweat doing outside work. I bet this smooth skin looks great with a light coat of sweat in the morning sunlight. He takes down his pants and gets to work stroking his dick that gets hard fast. After some poses standing with his hard cock in hand he moves to the bed where he finishes jerking out his load. While going to town pumping his cock his other hand pays attention to his smooth butt, shaved balls, and nipples. Damon knows how to pleasure himself and looks amazing doing it. I hope that it isn’t long for Randy Blue to bring him back for a sweaty gay sex scene or something in the pool maybe.

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tanned college guy jacks his shaved cock

Bull is the latest straight guy to strip naked and get off for us at the Straight Fraternity. Nikko has been trying to get Bull for about 3 months before he finally said yes. The wait was worth it! Bull is a friendly guy that is kind of shy during the interview but lightens up when they start asking him questions about his sex life. Bull says he first learned to jack off when he was about 12 and has been doing it a lot since. He dreams of sex in public places so doing a naked jack off video that will be posted on the web is a good start. Bull strips down to his underwear and starts rubbing his dick until it is hard then pulls them off to show us a hairless cock that matches the rest of his smooth hard body. For a straight guy, Bull doesn’t mind showing off every inch of his body including his sweet ass and you feet lovers are going to flip over all the camera angles shot from the end of the bed with close up of his feet and hard cock. Bull is quiet as he jacks but gets vocal when he cums shouting “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” as he sprays cum onto his tanned belly.

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Adam Scott looks like an average skinny guy but listen to him talk about his sex life and jack off habits it becomes clear that he is dirty boy. Adam had his first gay sex experience when he was 15 in a burned down home. He is mostly a top that doesn’t mind fucking men in public places. In addition to the burned house he has also had sex in a state park and jerks off every chance he gets too, even in the break room at work or public bathrooms. One time in the library he even jacked off for a group of people that watched.

Today Adam is all ours. He strips down to a pair of underwear and gives his cock a few tugs to get it semi hard before pulling it out. His dick looks big on his skin and bones body and has a little curve to it. Adam strokes his meat nice and slow pausing to spread his ass and show us his hairless asshole. His butt looks nice… too bad he’s only a top. Adam goes back to jerking off and the camera guy gets some cool angles and close ups up to and including the cum shot.

long haired twink jacks his big shaved cock

Alaric is a bisexual boy that is hard to classify. He is tall, thin, and smooth (twink), pale with long blond hair and dark eye makeup (goth). Alric starts on the Alternadudes rooftop like many of the models and gives us a preview of whats to come. He removes his black shirt to expose his pale hairless body and has a little fun with some head dresses that look awesome with his long blond hair. Alric moves inside to tease us more by opening his jeans and exposing the top of his big shaved cock. For a skinny guy his dick looks good and thick while the shaved pubes match well with his smooth body. Once Alric is naked he bends over and spreads his ass cheeks to show off his equally smooth hole. Alaric admits that he has bottomed for men before but doesn’t spend much time fingering his hole. Instead, he lays back on a big office waiting room type chair and gets to work stroking his cock. He really gets into as he goes pumping his hips to push his slicked up dick through his tight grip. The breathing gets heavy and he lets out a long sigh as the cum oozes from the head and runs down his hand and wrist. Alaric may not be much of a cummer but he sure does put on a nice show and is very easy on the eyes too.

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