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It is emo twink Miles Pride birthday and one of his biggest fans Kyler Moss has something special for him. Kyler gives Miles a new pair of sexy underwear. Such a nice gift should be shown off ASAP so Miles takes his old underwear off and puts the new ones on. They look good on him but they don’t stay on for very long. Kyler breaks out the birthday cake complete with candle for Miles to blow out and the food fun starts. The young men rub icing all over each others smooth thin chest and stomachs then lick the cream off. Licking always turns to dick sucking in porn and this is no exception. Miles goes down to suck on Kyler’s hard uncut cock. Kyler loves the feeling of Miles’ lip piercings against his wet dick and gives a loud moan of pleasure. The volume of Kyler is no match for Miles though when the fucking starts. Miles isn’t shy about how much he loves getting fucked by Kyler. The way these two skinny guy’s bodies mold together while in the doggy style is so hot and we get plenty of close up views of Kyler’s cock moving in and out of Mile’s sweet ass.

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Chris Porter standing naked and stroking his cock in the woods

I’ve always liked Chris Porter since the first time I seen him. I kind of have a thing for cute guys with tattoos. Chris was kind of a twink with ink at the time. And that time wasn’t too long ago either. Look at Chris now… He is all buffed up and looking all kinds of HOT! The photographers at Randy Blue always do a nice job and Chris’ scene was no different. Chris slowly strips out of his clothes in an outdoor setting then leans back to stroke his meat. Chis is butch with his scruffy face and hairy stomach yet kind of jock-like with his oiled skin and toned body. How ever you classify him, he’s got something to love for everyone.

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Gabe Lawson knows exactly what is going on and is happy to help seduce the unsuspecting straight boy Jason St. James into having some full on gay sex in this scene at Bait Buddies. James has no trouble getting naked in front of the producer and his costar. He gets hard with the slightest of touching himself as well. The guys are having fun and getting along fine when the talk turns to some man on man sex (as always). Jason doesn’t mind getting blown by Gabe but is hesitant to put the blond guys cock into his mouth. Eventually he does and seems to do a good job sucking the big dick too. The guys stand up to move positions when Gabe slaps Jason on the ass and tells him to take a ride. Jason’s gone this far so why not. The look on his face is painful at first as he sits down on Gabe’s condom covered dick but he relaxes in no time and is riding the white pony like a pro. The best part about the riding part is seeing Jason’s hard cock bounce and slap against his smooth stomach as he slides up and down. Jason lays on the sofa for a full on fucking with Gabe. The action looks great as these two go at it full steam. Jason grabs his dick to stroke out his load that sprays all the way up his hairless chest as Gabe is still in him and Gabe follows shortly after adding his own spunk to the mix.

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muscle daddy Harley Everett has gay sex with tattooed jock Leo Helios

In May we were treated to the arrival of hot tattooed jock Leo Helios and muscle hunk Harley Everett who each jerked off for our enjoyment. Now we get to see both these hot uncut men together and like the old Reese’s commercial says it’s “two great taste that taste great together”. We don’t really get to taste them (although I would lick my tongue across either of them) but we do get to watch them suck each others dick before the fucking begins. Leo goes down on Harley first to get him good and hard then Harley sucks Leo’s dick as he stands on the bench. You can easily see how big Harley is as Leo stands on the bench and Harley sucks him. Harley is 6’4″ (190 cm) and Leo is a petite 5’7″ (167 cm) tall. The guys move to a semi 69 with Leo continuing to slurp on Harley’s big meat and Harley licks Leo’s ass. We are given a nice close up view of his sweet saliva covered hole before Harley puts a condom on and begins to slide his 8 inch cock up Leo’s tight butt. Leo loves the big dick up his ass and gets even harder himself the more Harley fucks him. And fuck him Harley does too! The guys screw in at least three positions ending with Leo on his back and legs up in a face to face position. Leo spurts his load across his ripped abs then grabs Harley’s cock to milk his jizz and adds to the mix. The end result is a shower of cum that lands over Leo’s shoulder and leaves a trail across his tattooed chest and stomach. Awesome!

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Owen gets a mouthful of cum from tattooed straight guy

My favorite dirty boy, Owen, is back with an open minded straight boy Jack for a blowjob exchange that ends with a facial cumshot at Dirty Boy Video. The guys start outside in a NYC park stroking their hard dicks and move back to Owen’s apartment for something a little to obvious for a public scene. Both guys take their dicks out and start stroking then Owen goes down to suck on Jack’s growing tool. Jack is a straight guy that loves head and doesn’t care who gives it to him. When it’s good enough and he is in the mood, he doesn’t even mind giving a little back. Owen must be good because Jack goes down to suck on Owen’s awesome cock next. The straight guy doesn’t suck the dick for long but Owen doesn’t seem to mind. He is right back at it slurping and sucking on Jack in no time. Owen jacks and sucks the thick dick until Jack gets close then opens wide for Jack to spray his load into his waiting mouth. Jack’s a real cummer! He ejaculates into Owen’s mouth so much that the jizz runs out and down the front of our blond boys mouth and chin. Owen looks so cute with a face full of cum.

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Two exciting things are going on now at Active Duty. This week’s video update, a scene from the upcoming release “Frontline 3” featuring Kale, Cory, and Diego in a very hot three way and secondly, the pre-summer membership special.

Kale, Diego, and Cory have gay 3 way

three hunky military men have a gay three way

Kale is already a rising star among Active Duty members having done two sex scenes with Dustin and Vance. This scene with Diego and Cory is going to help him and will be sure to get some engines revving. The three men start on the bed together watching some straight porn. Kale is excited about today because it is is first all guy three way and he has no idea what is going to happen. He keeps looking at Diego and Cory as they all jerk off together. Diego is the ripped dude on the left in the uppermost picture sporting the most ink and Cory is on the right. Diego catches Kale looking and senses his reluctance to get things started so he reaches out to start stroking Kale. Once Diego starts things Kale goes into sex mode and reaches over to grab hold of Cory’s dick. The action gets more intense as the three guys take turns sucking each other for a while. When Kale’s ass is covered with spit from a rimming the fucking isn’t too far behind and that is when thing kick into overdrive. All three guys get a chance to be top and all three bottom in this non stop sex fest that ends with one of the three getting a face full of cum.

Membership Special

Active Duty recently announced a limited time membership offer that features prices that are too good to pass up. The special includes a 2 day trial membership for only $2.95. Frankly, the tour at Active Duty doesn’t give a good idea of all the great content inside and many don’t want to shell out the usual $24 to see. This offer will let surfers go in an look around with little to lose. If you like the site and stay, membership renews monthly at only $19.95 and will give full access to streaming videos archives and weekly warchest updates. That is $5 less than the normal monthly membership cost. The offer gets better if new members sign up for the 180 day (6 months) deal for $89.95 to save $30 and get a DVD of “Summer Recruits” included as long as supplies last.

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Binx Tanner sucks on Chasen Hart big cock

Chasen Hart has an extra big surprise for birthday boy Binx Tanner in this scene at Extra Big Dicks. Chasen blindfolds Binx who is sitting on the sofa then pulls his 9 inch cock out for Binx to have his way with. Binx rubs his hands down Chasen’s hard tattooed body and absolutely must lift the blindfold to see when he gets to Chasen’s dick. Binx starts sucking the big tool. Before long, both men are fully naked and going at it like horny bunnies sucking each other and fucking. I’m guessing that Binx is a bottom boy as it is his birthday and he is the one that rides the dick and gets fucked. All the sex comes to a nice ending as Chasen shoots his creamy load directly onto Binx’s face. Now that’s the kind of birthday I want to have!

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tattooed amateur guy jacks his 9 inch dick

This is Barry’s third jack off at Island Studs but members can’t get enough of him. This 19 year old college student loves to run and was even on the track team in high school. That is probably how he keeps suck a lean body. His chest and stomach are naturally hairless but when he drops his shorts we see that that isn’t the case down below. Barry like to keep it natural down there and claims that he has never shaved or even trimmed his pubes. Most guys trim or shave to make their dicks look bigger but Barry has no need for that silliness… his cock is 9 inches long. Barry is a shower so his cock looks just as big soft as it does when it gets hard. Barry gets more relaxed in front of the camera this time around and gives a few shots of his running boy butt and rubs himself like he does while jacking off at home. Finally, if you’re into big cummers, you are going to want to see this boy’s cum shot. You can’t see it in the picture above very well but the owner of Island Studs says that Barry’s cum squirts so forceful that it splats a good 7 feet from him.

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Mason Star jacks off and fucks other men

We took a look at the new Cocky Boys and previewed a few of their recent updates last week including a scene with Mason Star using a big dildo on himself. The news from this site keeps getting better. Yesterday Cocky Boys announced that big dicked gay porn model Mason Star has been signed on as a Cocky Boys exclusive. What does this mean to you? It means that if you’re a Mason Star fan the only place you will find new pictures or videos will be at Cocky Boys. Mason already has at least 5 scenes online that include jerking his big dick, duo scenes with other hot jock-types, and a outdoor three way. Mason is versatile and can take a cock as well as he gives it and is a cum gusher.

Mason Star a Cocky Boys exclusive

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Adam Scott looks like an average skinny guy but listen to him talk about his sex life and jack off habits it becomes clear that he is dirty boy. Adam had his first gay sex experience when he was 15 in a burned down home. He is mostly a top that doesn’t mind fucking men in public places. In addition to the burned house he has also had sex in a state park and jerks off every chance he gets too, even in the break room at work or public bathrooms. One time in the library he even jacked off for a group of people that watched.

Today Adam is all ours. He strips down to a pair of underwear and gives his cock a few tugs to get it semi hard before pulling it out. His dick looks big on his skin and bones body and has a little curve to it. Adam strokes his meat nice and slow pausing to spread his ass and show us his hairless asshole. His butt looks nice… too bad he’s only a top. Adam goes back to jerking off and the camera guy gets some cool angles and close ups up to and including the cum shot.