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Big dicked Aussie jock gets off with a fleshjack

Lincoln Ashby is a 24 year old Aussie boy with an exhibitionist side to him. He has been in touch with Ben from Bentley Race for a while and finally made the trip to film a jack off scene for our enjoyment. Lincoln starts by kicking a ball around on the roof and flashes us a glimpse of his furry stomach and soft uncut dick before going inside for some serious dick play. His cock is already hard and sticking out the top of his white jock as he takes off his shorts and soccer kit. He leaves his socks on throughout theĀ  scene which is going to make a lot of you fetish boys happy. The big dick and uncut lovers have plenty to see to as Lincoln is well endowed with a nice fat uncut piece of meat. This amateur is very comfortable in front of the camera and goes to town fucking the hell out of the FleshJack sex toy. Ben says that Lincoln has already agreed to come back for more scenes so there will plenty more of him to see. Soon hopefully!

Lincoln Ashby’s FleshJack jerk off



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After a day of what ever it was that Elijah White was doing dressed like that must have been pretty stressful. As soon as the twink closes the door his clothes are coming off so he can release some pressure. Elijah sets his Scooby Doo lunch box down and starts rubbing his dick through his underwear. For a skinny guy his dick looks big as it stretches across his pelvis nearly touching his skinny hip. Just as things are looking good for a cock view the hairless twink reaches into the Mystery Machine door and pulls out a glass dildo. Elijah is such a tease licking the glass cock and rubbing it against the bulging hardon below his colorful briefs. When he lays the glass sex toy down along side his cock you get of idea of how big he is. Finally he pulls his monster dick out and starts stroking it. Elijah rubs his dick dry at first while continuing to tease us and himself with the dildo. Elijah adds some lube to his hand and rubs it onto his thick cock and smooth ass hole. This guy knows how to make himself feel good! He strokes his dick and fucks himself with the dildo good and hard causing him to shoot. Now that is a nice way to end a stressful day. Watching him getting off helped me relieve some built up pressure too.

Elijah White naked and licking a glass dildo

Members of Boy Crush get access included to Bare Twinks where Elijah has a bareback scene online with his boy friend Jacobey London.


Nicky Blackrock stufs his fingers and a dildo up his ass as he jerks off

I’ve been feeling sort of retro lately and going through some old porn folders on my computer when I came across a folder called “YLJ-NB-awesomecock”. Back when I cared enough to categorize my porn YLJ was You Love Jack, NB is Nicky Blackrock, and the awesome cock part should be obvious looking at his pictures above. Along with self sucking Jessie Clinton, Nicky B was one of the guys I drooled over most and kept going back to. This dark haired Canadian guy puts on a heck of a show in his homemade jack off video. He starts by adjusting the camera wide and strips from his jeans to a pair of loose shorts and a black tee shirt. He starts stroking his cock through the shorts and it’s size become apparent before he even takes it out. When he does take it out, Nicky’s cock is long and thick with an upward curve that is perfect for deep throating in a 69 position. At least that is what I think about while watching him. He takes the shorts completely off and lays back to start jerking. His hand moves down to his butt and he slides a few fingers in for extra pleasure. His fingers soon give way for some bigger anal toys that seem to make Nicky very happy and his cock looks like it gets even bigger. Nicky’s hand starts to pump faster and harder as he gets close and his head bucks back as his huge cock sprays a stream of white cum that splatters onto his black tee shirt. The only time I’ve seen Nicky look better is in his next video where he shoots another huge load onto his semi hairy chest and belly. You’ll have to go back in the archives to find him but it’s worth it. Nicky is completely yummy!

watch Nicky jack off at You Love Jack

Casey uses his first anal sex toy as he jerks his uncut cock

Red haired straight boy Casey is back at Spunk Worthy and ready to try something new. He isn’t ready for a real gay sex experience yet but said he would be willing to use a toy on himself as long as it wasn’t some monster dildo or anything like that. Luckily, the guys have a small butt plug that will be perfect for Casey’s first anal penetration. Before we get into the action of the scene I must say that Casey is one of the cutest in terms of pure cuteness they have had at Spunk Worthy lately. His freckled skin, rosy cheeks, and short gingered hair with pale skin and hairless chest makes him so doable. Now to the action… Casey strips naked and starts to play with his uncut dick a bit before grabbing the blue butt plug and plenty of lube. As he will be putting the toy in his ass, we get a good close up look at this 23 year olds hairy virgin hole. Casey said his girlfriend once licked his ass but he’s never put anything in it before. From the look on his face as he slides it in, I believe him. Seeing the look on his face once he is used to it and moving it around in his butt as he jerks off, I’m betting it won’t be the last thing that goes up his hole. Casey is breathing heavy and his face and chest turn dark red as pushes the toy deep into his ass and releases his inner pressure shooting his cum onto his hairy belly.

watch Casey get off at Spunkworthy

see Fernando cum at Southern Strokes

The guys at Southern Strokes have done it again. They have found a first time amateur that knows how to put on an exceptional show. Fernando is a good looking Brazilian boy making probably the most southern of the of all the southern amateurs on the site. During his interview Fernando seems open to talking about his sex life, friends, likes, and other intimate details of his sexuality but is kind of shy overall. As he strips down to his tight blue briefs is becomes clear that Fernando has a very nice ass and he loves to show it off. We get plenty of close up views of his tight white butt. Fernando lays back on the tan sofa that has seen plenty of other naked amateur men at the lake house and starts to play with his soft uncut cock. As he jerks his hard cock, Fernando takes out a glass dildo and starts to rub it around his shaved hole. Again we get a good look at his valuable ass set. He pushes the long sex toy up his butt as he continues to stroke his meat. If you couldn’t tell that Fernando is a bottom before, there is no doubt that he loves the feeling of anal pleasures watching him fuck himself. The interview, jack off, and dildo play are all pretty good but all a small preview to the explosive ending Fernando provides. He has an awesome cumshot that sends jizz literally flying over his head. Look at the bottom picture in Fernando’s collage below to see the big glob of cum in his hair and on the sofa behind him. His smooth chest and stomach are covered in the Brazilian boy’s cream and a big smile from a job well done is deserved after this performance. The only way Fernando could look any better is if the cum was on his face too. Maybe we’ll see that in his next performance. (hint hint Southern Strokes – bring Fernando back)

Fernando sprays cum over his head as he jerks off

Alexx Snow plays with his favorite gay sex toys

As if Alexx Snow ever has trouble finding a hot young man to have sex with him… today he is the home alone horny twink next door. That is okay though as Alex has a drawer full of gay sex toys that are fun alone as they are with a friend. Alex sifts through the toys, identifying a few that really catch his attention then strips naked and starts stroking his thick twink cock. Alexx is so cute with his dark red hair and smooth upper body. His belly has some hair and his legs and ass are covered with a nice coat of hair. We get plenty of close up views of that sweet hairy boy hole too as he first inserts a skinny gray dildo to warm up then slides in a long string of black anal beads. You can almost watch his thick veiny cock get harder as the dildo and beads go in and out of his horny ass. With his dick rock hard and ready, Alexx takes out the ultimate jack off toy, an original FleshJack masterbator. He pumps the flashlight-like tool up and down his dick with a big smile on his face then turns the toy to the bed where he fucks it. Feet, ass, cock, and balls; Alex looks awesome with his back to us sliding his cock into the FleshJack. He finishes his excellent sexual adventure jerking a load across his sweaty body. Alex puts on one of the best solo scenes I have seen in a while. Next time he needs to get off I’m sure there are plenty of guys that will be willing to lend an open mouth. I know that I would.

Alexx Snow gets off at Next Door Twink

Gallery Of the Day

Two male Czech escorts are paid to have gay sex - enter free gallery

Straight Czech escort boys, Jakub and Tomas are paid $300 to have gay sex with each other. The rent boys suck each others uncut cock before Jakub probes Tomas’ ass with a dildo and his hard dick. See the free gallery here or watch the video at Gay Rent Boys.

When big dicked gray hairedĀ  Max called Alpha Male producer Trojan Rock and told him he was in London and ready to film a scene Trojan grabbed his equipment headed right over to Max’s hotel room. Trojan says he was surprised when he got there to find Max ready to go wearing a pair of boxers and had his own video camera already set up. Max is watching a porno on his laptop and stroking his dick in no time as the men chat. Max starts to play with his FleshJack masturbator and is so excited by the sensation that he tells Trojan to come over and join him for some fun. Trojan can’t resist the blue eyed daddy’s request and gets on the bed to get off with Max. Some kissing and mutual jerking goes on and both men fuck Max’s FleshLight. Trojan gets done in time to take the camera in hand and get a great shot of Max’s cum shot.

Max uses a fleshjack on his big hard English cock

Gallery Of the Day

19 year old Japan boy Hiroto plays with his new dildo

When 19 year old Japanese boy Hiroto receives a new dildo as a gift, he can’t wait to play with it. His completely smooth ass is covered in lube as the saliva covered sex toy goes in and his uncut Asian cock gets hard in this free picture gallery provided by Japan Boyz.

Travis puts his hard dick into a FleshJack

The owner of Spunk Worthy found his latest amateur straight boy while walking along the southern California beach. Travis has a decent body, a big smile, and an outgoing personality so they asked him if he wanted to make some extra money jacking off for a porn web site. When he showed up for the shoot he had a nervous excitement about him. He has never done anything like this in front of another guy let alone one with a camera and video recorder running. They settle his nerves a bit with the interview and get Travis naked. I thought he was a redhead looking at his long mane but he isn’t. Travis looked like he was getting into it all as he striped but the nervousness returns when he is supposed to get hard and start jerking. After a fair bit of play that yields a semi hard cock at best, Travis sees a FleshJack masturbation device and asks if he can use it. He’s so cute so who could say no. The feeling of the FleshJack must be good because within a few seconds of sliding it onto his cock he was hard as a rock. Travis continues to move the clear sleeve up and down his dick while the camera moves in close to give a view of every hard inch of cock along with Travis’ hairy belly. The view is so close it’s almost like being there to move the toy yourself. He continues to fuck the sex toy moving it faster and sliding his hips a bit until finally blowing his load.

Travis FleshJack video at Spunk Worthy