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Alessio Romero - naked with dildo in hairy ass

WOOF! For all of you that love butch hairy men… Alessio Romero puts on a solo show at Man Avenue this week that is sure to get your juices flowing. Alessio looks like he blongs in a California biker gang at first glance. He wears a red cap and big sun to cover the top part of his face and a scruffy beard covers the bottom half. His beefy body is covered with ink and hair. Once he starts getting undressed and playing with cock, the run away feeling quickly turns to a come in and play. Alessio plays with his dick and nipples a bit then flips on his back to stimulate his hairy hole with a big black ass toy. It is obvious that he knows exactly what he likes and how to get it if no one is there to do it for him.

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Cal and Jacob were hanging out at a local strip club and were invited back to the Boy Gusher photographer’s house. The guys were shown their room and left alone while the photographer went to gather his equipment. When he came back the boys were already undressed to their underwear and playing with each others cock. Jacob is really horny and can’t wait to get Cal’s cock in his mouth. He pulls down Cal’s printed underwear and starts sucking the blond boys hard dick. Jacob takes every hard inch in his mouth and keeps sucking as a pool of saliva runs down Cal’s dick & balls and covers his asshole too. Cal rubs Jacob’s shaved head as he receives an awesome blowjob. Jacob takes out a black and gold vibrator and starts to rub it against Cal’s saliva covered hole. Slowly at first then he pushes the sex toy deep into Cal’s butt. Cal lets out a loud moan as the sensation of a vibrator in his ass and a hot mouth on his cock send him into ecstasy. Jacob isn’t finished with the sex toys though and lubes up Cal’s dick for the ultimate male masturbation tool; a classic FleshJack. Jacob slides the flashlight-like toy up and down Cal’s long hard shaft while Cal continues to use the vibrator on himself. You can tell that Cal is getting close from the awesome feeling of the FleshJack. Jacob slides the toy off Cal’s cock and finishes getting his friend off with his hand. Cal gushes a huge load of jizz that shoots up his smooth chest almost to his throat and splatter all over his hairless belly. Leave it to a horny 21 year old to make such a fun mess. Like every good friend should, Cal lends a hand to Jacob who’s own dick has been throbbing for a while. Cal lubes up Jacob’s dick and jerks him off. Cal is viciously fun and keeps stroking Jacob’s cock and rubbing the head after he cums. You know what that feels like and how overwhelming the sensation is. Jacob squirms and laughs in half pleasure and half pain as Cal continues to rub his sensitive member.

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After a swim at a clothes optional gay resort, smooth twink Timmy goes for a warm shower and jerk off session. Timmy leaves the pool area wearing only a towel around his skinny waist. He takes a warm shower in an open wooden stall taking special attention to thoroughly soap up his semi hard dick and ass. Timmy dries off his hairless body, throws a towel across a deck chair and starts stroking his cock. Timmy has a nice dick that stands straight up from it’s shaved base and points skyward towards his smooth stomach and chest. Timmy grabs hold of a black sex toy filled with beads. He holds the large toy up to his pre cum dripping cock to show us how big it is then slides the upper 2/3 into his horny butt hole. From the look on his face I think Timmy is a big bottom boi that loves to have big tools up his tight ass. He sits on the toy and fucks himself with the vibrator in a few positions to stimulate his smooth boy butt from as many angles as possible. With his hole satisfied he continues to stroke his hard cut cock until he shoots a sticky load that pools at the base of his shaved cock. Even after cumming, Timmy’s cock stays rock hard and throbs a bit as the tasty amateur twink catches his breath.

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If you were to meet Steven Prior walking the streets of London you would never guess that this lad has a big secret. Steven is a thin, polite guy that is approachable and friendly. At only 5 feet 8 inches (170 cm) tall, a thin body, and cute, boyish face; Steven looks harmless. That is until his dick gets stimulated and gets hard. When that happens watch out! Steven’s thick uncut cock is anything but harmless. Especially for newbie unsuspecting bottom boys. As Steven sits in his white boxers playing with his nipples and dick it becomes very clear that this timid lad wields a very large cock. As his tool grows it stretches all the way across his leg and rests on his hip. I’m not usually into guys wearing underwear but this boy is cute and seeing the outline of his gigantic tool is awesome!

Steven lowers his underwear to give us a good long look at his 10 inch (25 cm) cock. Even with all the girth it still stands out from his body and has a very nice curve to hit that special spot. After a few minutes of jacking his big dick he takes out an original style Fleshjack, applies lots of lube, and rams his monster into the masturbation toy. With the thickness of his dick; I bet they had to provide him with a wide opening. Anyways, Steven moves the toy up and down his 10 inch shaft then stands up to hold the toy steady and fucks it, moving his bony hips back and forth like he was fucking an imaginary friend’s ass. The action is hot for a solo scene. Steven sits back down and continues to stroke his cock until a stream of cum oozes out the head and runs down the long shaft forming a puddle of fun at the trimmed base of this guy’s power pole.

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The classroom is vacant except for 2 boys that had to stay late for detention. The lesson today is not History or Math: it’s sex! Sexy guys can do things to each other without women being around to please them. Watch these two hot studs turn into twinks in the blink of an eye. They suck off the teacher and some fucking starts immediately after. Soon there are three large hard cocks on your screen, each of which is aching to be stroked and sucked and so much more. Can you handle this sexy anatomy lesson?

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Nineteen year old straight dude Drew Parker does his adult video debut wearing long johns and a fleshlight. He begins the video already partially undressed wearing a thin pair of blue long underwear and a basic black tee. The tee comes off quickly and as he sits up to adjust the camera angle in his homemade porn we get a good look at his lean upper body and a semi hard dick already standing underneath his drawers. He plays with his semi hard seven inch cock a bit beneath his long underwear then pulls the top down below his balls so that his dick stands straight up from its base. Seeing that freshly released throbbing cock standing at full attention with Drew’s cute face in the background is one of my favorite sections in his video. He completely removes the long underwear and picks up a clear fleshlight with a mouth opening at the end. Drew has a very stimulating look on his face as he slides the sex toy over his dick; like watching a virgin have sex for the first time. Drew slides the tool faster over his lubed cock and you see it move through the clear sides. He shoots a sticky glob of cum onto his hairless abdomen then uses a few fingers to scoop it up and put it in his mouth. Damn this guy is hot!

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Tom McKenzie likes feet, as we find out when Sebastian has him tied down and naked. Sebastian puts his cold feet on Tom’s uncut dick and it really gets Tom going. His cock gets erect from the foot fondling. Liking it rough, Sebastian kicks Tom’s hard dick around and steps on its engorged head which drives him wild. Sebastian takes a big black rubber cock and slides it in and out of Tom’s tight smooth ass as he strokes his dick. Sebastian gets his own dick out and places it up against Tom’s, jerking the jizz from both tools.

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