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twinks play with a fleshjack, suck cock, and fuck

A few years ago two very cute Mormon guys stopped by my house while I was mowing the lawn. They looked very nice in their white shirts and were sweating a lot (as was I in the near 100 degree weather) so I asked them inside where the AC was running. They politely declined but did ask if they could fill their water bottles from my garden hose. Of course I said yes and we chatted a bit about their “mission” before I got back to work and they went to the house next door. For years I’ve thought about those two guys and how friendly, polite, and cute they were. Another missed opportunity. Next Door Twink this week added an update that reminded me of that hot summer day except the two guys that stop by come in this time and what happens next is the stuff I’ve dreamed of every time I see the boyz in the white shirts.

Jay Dubbs is relaxing at home when Noah Brooks and Landon Terry stop by to discuss the importance of Jesus in their life. Once look at Jay with his face piercings and long hair suggest to the two clean cut and straight laced boyz that Jay needs this. Jay listens to their pitch up to the point where they tell him how much faith has brought them joy. Jay tells them he has something that has brought him lots of joy and breaks out his FleshJack masturbation toy. At first the guys aren’t sure but when Jay takes out his dick to show them how it is used their curiosity gets the better of them. The jack off sleeve is passed between all three of them to get their cocks rock hard and primed. Jay bends over to start sucking Noah’s cock while Landon is stroking away. And so it begins… Noah loves the blowjob provided by Jay so much that he opens wide for Landon to insert his dick too. As you can see in the picture above, the dick sucking turns into a hardcore gay fuckfest with Jay getting screwed first followed by Noah. All three of these twinks are cute to be sure but damn does Jay have an absolutely amazing ass that looks even better with Noah’s big dick in it.

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A not too long time ago in a world of endless gay twink porn sites there was Spank This, 18 Boy, Hot Studs, Frat Boy, and Raw Lads. All were filmed by Helix Studios and featured twinks and college men to specific crowds with 18 Boy featuring the smoothest 18-21 year old twinks, Spank This has bare bottomed boys receiving a spanking until their cheeks are red, Hot Studs is all American bareback, Frat Boy has jock type men in solo and hardcore gay sex scenes, and Raw Lads with uncut European bareback boyz. Not too long ago Helix combined all five sites into one simply called Helix Studios. Members to any Helix site gets access to all five. With most sites updating weekly; member get 4 (or more) new twink sex or college jock videos a week.  Last week had 5 updates but I could only pick three so…

Brycen Cox is a Busy Boy

Brycen Cox jacks his 8 inch uncut cock - tattoos and pierced nipple

Brycen got naked on Tuesday and jerked a load of cum from his 8 inch uncut cock onto his smooth belly.

twink rides his friends 8 inch uncut cock

On Sunday at 18 Boy Brycen hooked up with Keine Sorgen for a game of truth or dare after school. The two horny 18 year olds are kissing and getting undressed in short order and before you can “chicken”, Keine is slurping down Brycen’s long uncut dick. The words deep throat must have special meaning for Keine as he swallows all 8 inches of Brycen’s cock with little effort. Brycen is totally horned up and ready for some cock of his own. He goes down on Keine and opens his pants to take a taste of his friend’s cock. The guys are kising and sucking each other off for a while when Keine’s ass is quivering in anticipation for Brycen’s meat injection. Keine rides Brycen and Brycen fucks Keine from a few positions until both boyz shoot their loads.

Jack Diamond Gets Fucked by Chris Riverz

twink takes pictures of friend sucking his dick at sleep over

The after school fun continues on Wednesday when Chris Riverz and Jack Diamond are sent to a room to have sex. The kicker is that photographic proof of cock and sex is required as part of the game. Neither boy has any trouble complying with the requirements. Before long, the guys are taking their boxers off and both guys cocks are already semi hard. Jack is instantly excited by the site of Chris’ dick and goes to work sucking. Chris takes some pictures of the act from a few angles then lays the camera down to finish things off by fucking Jack’s smooth ass. Jack loves the 7 inch dick up his ass and cums first, spilling his juices across his hairless stomach. Chris wants more proof of his deeds and lays his hard wet cock across Jack’s face for a photographic finale.

Other scenes added last week include long haired hunk Paul Pratt fucking Micah Andrews at Frat Boy and Adam Jacobs fucks Ace Lockheart bareback at Hot Studs.

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long haired twink jacks his big shaved cock

Alaric is a bisexual boy that is hard to classify. He is tall, thin, and smooth (twink), pale with long blond hair and dark eye makeup (goth). Alric starts on the Alternadudes rooftop like many of the models and gives us a preview of whats to come. He removes his black shirt to expose his pale hairless body and has a little fun with some head dresses that look awesome with his long blond hair. Alric moves inside to tease us more by opening his jeans and exposing the top of his big shaved cock. For a skinny guy his dick looks good and thick while the shaved pubes match well with his smooth body. Once Alric is naked he bends over and spreads his ass cheeks to show off his equally smooth hole. Alaric admits that he has bottomed for men before but doesn’t spend much time fingering his hole. Instead, he lays back on a big office waiting room type chair and gets to work stroking his cock. He really gets into as he goes pumping his hips to push his slicked up dick through his tight grip. The breathing gets heavy and he lets out a long sigh as the cum oozes from the head and runs down his hand and wrist. Alaric may not be much of a cummer but he sure does put on a nice show and is very easy on the eyes too.

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asian twink gets enema and barebacked at medical clinic

Asian twink, Ice has not been feeling well for a few days and makes an appointment with Dr. Twink. The patient’s assessment is thorough yet unremarkable but the doctor believes he knows what this under the weather twink needs. The doctor pulls out many of his tools to give the naked twink a homeopathic treatment that starts with dilation of the anal sphincter followed by a milk enema. With the fresh milk still dripping from the ill boy’s ass the doctor continues the treatment with a bareback cock injection. This seems to do the trick and Ice is feeling better almost instantly. He rides the doctors uncut cock until a final dose of cum is delivered rectally across Ice’s hole.

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Skye is a blond twink that shows the first timers a good time at Boys First Time. He mostly bottoms for the newbies and is awesome at sucking cock. His own cock is nice sized and has a barbel piercing just below the head that would feel great going into a willing bottom boy’s smooth butt. Skye has two recent scenes at Boys First Time:

Blu Fucks Skye

tattooed twink has gay sex with pierced blond boy

I do love the alternative twinks and first time amateurs they find for the scenes at Boys First Time. Here, Blu is the dark haired twink with lots of tattoos and a dick that wont quit. The guys start by sucking each other in the laundry room then go into the living room where Blu can put Skye into some interesting positions to fuck him from. Skye gets fucked good but Blu gets tired and just wants to get off. Blu lays back on the sofa and watches as Skye works his oral magic with his pierced mouth. The feeling is great as Blu nuts in Skye’s mouth and we get a close up view of the cum and saliva mix running down Blu’s shaft. If you like tattooed twinks you’re going to love these two.

Skye Seduces Luis

dark skinned twink fucks blond boy with his uncut dick

This time it is Sky that takes charge when a cute dark skinned twink stops by to deliver some mail. Skye answers the door wearing nothing except a pair of underwear that shows a outline of his semi hard cock. Skye invites Luis in to talk then moves in for the kill when he catches Luis looking at his bulging underwear. Skye goes down on Luis’ uncut cock to get him good and hard then sits on his dick to loosen his hole for a hardcore fuck sesion on the kitchen table. Luis long strokes Skye’s butt before shooting his load directly onto Skye’s ass. The view of Skye’s pierced dick along with both guys smooth ripped bodies as they fuck is awesome!

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white twink sucks a big black cock and gets fucked

Intrigue is one of the popular black men that has gay sex with willing white boys at Blacks on Boys. Intrigue picks up Brett Styles at a local gym and after some small talk, takes him back to the apartment for some fun. Both guys get naked fast and are already semi hard with anticipation as they sit beside each other on the sofa. Brett reaches over to grab hold of Intrigue’s cock and starts to stoke it. Brett is hungry for the cock and leans over to start sucking it as soon as it is hard. Brett takes every inch down his throat without gagging and gets harder himself the more he sucks on Intrigue’s dick. Intrigue is ready for action now and bends over to suck on Brett’s dick which is already dripping precum. Intrigue moves his long tongue from Brett’s cock and balls to his shaved ass. For you guys that love a completely smooth hole, Brett is going to light your fire. You know what coming next after a rimming.. the fucking of course! Brett slowly lowers himself down onto Intrigue’s big black cock. Brett moves himself up and down the shaft until his ass sphincter relaxes and is ready for a pounding. Intrigue bend the white boy over to fuck him doggy style first then flips on his back with legs in the air for some face to face action. Brett’s loud moaning and pleading for more makes Intrigue pound him harder. Brett shoots his load across his stomach first and Intrigue pulls out to spray his cum on Brett’s face.

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tattooed skater jerks his dick and shoots a big load of cum

Dustin is the latest skater to strip naked and get off while enjoying a cigarette at Boys Smoking. He lights one up while relaxing outside in a tee shirt and cut off jean shorts. Before long he is taking off his shirt and jeans while lighting up his second cigarette. Wearing only a pair of Joe Boxer underwear he starts to play with his soft dick and rub his smooth body. When the boxers come down we get to see Dustin’s tattoo next to a bed of trimmed pubes and the full length of his hard cock. With another smoke ready to go, he starts to really pump his meat until shooting a big load of jizz that splatters across his hairless chest and stomach.

skater boys get off while smoking

thin european twink jacks his big uncut cock

Jirko Irs is an 18 year old Czech twink that strips naked and jacks his big uncut cock at Czech Boys. Even fully clothed this very cute young man gets the juices flowing. He has a very cute face with dark hair and green-gray eyes that will melt your heart. Like your guys smooth? Jirko is nearly completely hairless from his face to his short, trimmed pubes. His lean body is perfect for licking. His tall skinny body matches his cock as well. Jirko has a long uncut cock that is about half as big around as his forearm. He strokes his dick until it’s good and hard then shows us how nicely it stands on it’s own and throbs wanting attention. This cute Czech Boy is cute enough and hung enough that there are plenty of guys that would be more than happy to show his cock all the attention it could handle.

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Daddy Mugs wrestles naked with Ryan Conners

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of Daddy Mugs. Mugs seems like he would be fun to know but I’m not physically into him like a few of my friends are. While I’m not into him, I can’t help but be jealous of him and his job… to tape young men jerking off and sometimes have sex with them. Jump to this week’s Daddy Mugs update with Ryan Conners. Ryan is more my speed and seeing him in a crotchless, pleather wrestling singlet made me want him all the more. Mugs is so much bigger than the thin twink that the wrestling part is clear who’s going to dominate and he does. Mugs gets Ryan on his belly and plants himself on Ryan’s smooth exposed ass. Ryan squirms a little but enjoys every bit of the rough play, hard cock, and cum provided by the hairy daddy.

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Smooth 19 year old Euro twink Jiri Merta jacks his big uncut cock

I’ve been a member of Bad Puppy longer than any other gay porn site. Usually I’m cruising the live feeds or bonus sites looking for new sites and new models to keep my eye on. Sometimes I check in and see a cute model on the member’s home page that catches my attention and this morning a 19 year old Euro twink named Jiri Merta caught mine. This smooth bodied blond is so dang cute fully dressed that I couldn’t wait to see him naked. When he took off his shirt and I seen his naturally smooth body and ripped twink abs I was in lust. The juices really get flowing as he takes off his pants and starts stroking his big uncut cock. Jiri’s cock is thick all the way up the shaft and narrows to a tappered foreskin covered head for about the last 2 inches. As if his cute face, amazing body, and big dick aren’t enough, the white back ground and purple props used by photographer William Higgins contrast well with Jiri’s pale to tanned skin tones. If you like twinks or uncut men you’re going to go gaga over Jiri Merta at Bad Puppy.

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