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Big dicked Aussie jock gets off with a fleshjack

Lincoln Ashby is a 24 year old Aussie boy with an exhibitionist side to him. He has been in touch with Ben from Bentley Race for a while and finally made the trip to film a jack off scene for our enjoyment. Lincoln starts by kicking a ball around on the roof and flashes us a glimpse of his furry stomach and soft uncut dick before going inside for some serious dick play. His cock is already hard and sticking out the top of his white jock as he takes off his shorts and soccer kit. He leaves his socks on throughout the  scene which is going to make a lot of you fetish boys happy. The big dick and uncut lovers have plenty to see to as Lincoln is well endowed with a nice fat uncut piece of meat. This amateur is very comfortable in front of the camera and goes to town fucking the hell out of the FleshJack sex toy. Ben says that Lincoln has already agreed to come back for more scenes so there will plenty more of him to see. Soon hopefully!

Lincoln Ashby’s FleshJack jerk off


Cliff Jensen dressed as a police officer forcing Thrasher to suck his dick then fucks him

Cliff Jensen is a police officer assigned to the “Occupy Ball Street” set in LA. He is patrolling the tent city when he spots a long haired guy pilfering through someones tent. Officer Cliff catches Thrasher in the act and makes a decision to deliver his justice on the scene. Cliff starts by opening his pants for the tattooed dude to suck his fat cock. Cliff uses his billy club on the bad boys butt next. He sodomizes the tattooed dude’s ass with a night stick next. Thrasher begs for mercy but Cliff doesn’t know the meaning of easy. After the stick, Cliff pushes something bigger up Thrasher’s butt; his hard fat cock. Thrasher bucks and squirms as Cliff plunges his thick dick into his behind but eventually gets used to it and even starts stroking his own dick as the horny cop fucks him.

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Daddy Mugs wrestles naked with Ryan Conners

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of Daddy Mugs. Mugs seems like he would be fun to know but I’m not physically into him like a few of my friends are. While I’m not into him, I can’t help but be jealous of him and his job… to tape young men jerking off and sometimes have sex with them. Jump to this week’s Daddy Mugs update with Ryan Conners. Ryan is more my speed and seeing him in a crotchless, pleather wrestling singlet made me want him all the more. Mugs is so much bigger than the thin twink that the wrestling part is clear who’s going to dominate and he does. Mugs gets Ryan on his belly and plants himself on Ryan’s smooth exposed ass. Ryan squirms a little but enjoys every bit of the rough play, hard cock, and cum provided by the hairy daddy.

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Amateur college jock Tyler Andrews shows his stuff in a blue jock strap then rubs one out for your viewing pleasure. Tyler is one of the original models found at Bad Puppy. This college jock has a great body! He takes off his tee shirt and gets his arms pumped doing some dumbbell curls. His biceps bulge and he starts to work up a little sweat that makes his defined hairless chest glisten in the light. He takes off his shorts and is left wearing only a blue jock strap. I had a hard time figuring out what I liked best; his tight ass hanging out the back of the jock or the big bulge showing from the front. Lucky for us all, Tyler hops up on the chair and spreads his ass wide open for a perfect view of his promised land. Then, he slides his hard cock out the side of his jock and starts stroking his engorged member. As he stands to take the jock off, his ripped abs and body look awesome and his cock stands out from his body ready for more attention. Attention is what Tyler gives it too. He strokes his cock and plays with his balls until he shoots his load in an impressive cum shot that you won’t want to miss.
Blond haired military muscle man Martin Surovik takes new recruit Lukas Pivonka into the woods for a bareback release in this scene from “Military Manholes”. Martin is a giant compared to Lukas. The comrades take a trek into the woods for a private moment. Martin undresses Lukas who has a thin smooth body. Lukas gets in front of his superior and takes his uncut cock in his mouth and starts sucking. The muscled stud takes the military twink and rims his hairy ass in preparation for what is coming. Lukas has a smooth body but very hairy legs and ass. Martin slides his raw uncut cock into Lukas’ hairy hole and Lukas moans in pleasure as he strokes his own meat. Martin continues to pound the recruits ass on his side, on his back, and a few other positions until both men shoot their creamy loads of cum. From muscle men to twinks and military men to outdoor sex; this scene has plenty to keep most porn surfers happy and clenching their own hard cocks.

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College baseball jock Scott was at batting practice when he was struck by a wild pitch. The pain was severe so he went to the university clinic to see Dr. Phingerphuck. The doctor tells Scott to strip off his baseball uniform down to his jock and lay on the table for an examination. Scott does as told and has a seat on the exam table wearing nothing but a white jock and his socks. After a brief evaluation Dr. Phingerphuck tells Scott to roll onto his stomach for some electroshock and massage therapy. Two electrical pads are attached to Scott’s lower back then the doctor starts massaging the jocks muscular back and shoulders. Scott says that the massage is helping him to relax and the pain is getting better. The massage then turns to Scott’s tight ass, muscular legs, and feet. When the doctor massages his legs and feet we get a good look at the red hair covering Scott’s legs. Scott is getting a little excited by the foot massage and starts to get hard. The doctor things that a buildup of tension is the last thing that this college athlete needs and lends a helping hand to release the pressure building up in this red haired jock’s hard cock.

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Two friends on the train are arrested and handcuffed together by a transportation policeman then taken to a private area for a gay three way orgy . The arresting officers uniform doesn’t stay on long as he sucks the blond twinks hard uncut dick. His friend takes the huge cock all the way in his mouth. All three get their cocks sucked then they turn one over to rim his hairy ass and bareback fuck him . The end is a cum explosion of fun.

Twinks have gay three way on a train

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